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12 Professional Voicemail Greeting Examples for Business

Every customer interaction is an opportunity for your company to boost its credibility and turn a lead into a sale. Voicemail greetings often create the first impression of your company and shape the foundation of the relationship.

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Elizaveta Komarova

Elizaveta Komarova

Apr 30, 2021

12 Professional Voicemail Greeting Examples for Business

What is the secret of a good voicemail greeting? In this blog post, we will share helpful hints for making your messages strong and effective, as well as a full dozen examples of professional voicemail greetings.

What Is a Professional Voicemail Greeting and Why Is It Important? 

Sometimes, nobody at your business is available to take a call. It can happen because a call comes during non-working hours, because call volume is so high that all specialists are busy, and for many other reasons. But it’s essential not to let a call from a customer, prospective client, or partner go unanswered. 

A business voicemail greeting is a short, recorded voice message that welcomes the caller and gives them relevant options, such as leaving their contact information and a brief message so you can return their call or simply getting details about your working hours, products, services, promotions, and so on.  

A system delivers a wealth of benefits, including the following:

  • Saves the customer time, which increases their loyalty to the company  
  • Gives callers a positive impression of the company 
  • Filters out random calls and spam 
  • Keeps statistics 

Tips for Creating a Professional Business Voicemail Greeting 

Too many companies rely on the same old tired audio greeting: “Your call is very important for us.” This phrase is almost guaranteed to frustrate callers instead of engaging them. Instead, we recommend you prepare your own original voicemail message that will give callers a positive outlook on your company.   

We have an excellent example for you. A few years back, a story circulated that callers to Virgin Atlantic would hear the following voicemail greeting: “Hello, my name is Richard Branson. I am the owner of Virgin Atlantic. Now all operators are busy. That’s not good. If no one answers your call in 18 seconds, you will receive a discount of £450. I begin the countdown: 18, 17, 16, 15… “.

 This story isn’t true, but it illustrates how a company might use voicemail to generate customer interest and loyalty. While your organization probably can’t afford to hand out discounts to every caller, it is vital that each client’s interaction with your company is positive and keeps the conversation open.  

 Avoid making greetings too long or giving too much information; 15–20 seconds is enough for a good business voicemail. Remember that customer’s time is precious and should be respected. 

 Tailor your voicemail greetings to your target audience and your brand. For example, consider using humor, or update your business greeting for seasonal holidays. You also can have different voicemail greetings for different times of day or days of the week.  

Top 12 Voicemail Greeting Examples 

Here are a dozen examples of solid voicemail greetings suitable for any business. To ensure your clients stay awake while listening to your voicemail, simply tailor them to your business situation. Enjoy! 

 Business Voicemail Greetings 
  • Hi! You’ve reached [company name]. We’re away at the moment but please leave your name and number, and let us know how we can help you. We’ll get back to you within the next 12 hours. Thank you. 
  • Hi, you’ve reached [company name]. Unfortunately, we’re currently unavailable. But we are looking forward to talking to you soon. Please leave your name and number and your reason for calling, and someone will call you back within one business day. 
  • You have reached [company name]. All of our representatives are busy now, but our website is always open! To place an order or check the status of an existing order, please visit [your URL]. If you need personal assistance, leave us a message with your name and number after the tone. To return to the previous menu, press the […] button. 
Personal Voicemail Greetings 
  • Hello! you’ve reached the voicemail of [your name]. I’ll be out of the office until [date]. Please leave a message with your contact information and I’ll return your call as soon as I can once I’m back. If this is an emergency, please call my cellphone at [your number]. 
  • Hi, you’ve reached [your name] at [your company name]. I’m sorry I’m not available to answer your call right now. Please leave your name, number, and a short message after the tone and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 
  • Hello, this is [your name]. Thanks for reaching out. I’m either away from my desk or on the phone, so please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 
Department Voicemail Greetings 
  • Hello! Thanks for calling [name of the Department]. We are currently helping other clients and want to do the same for you! Please leave a quick message with your name, number, and a brief description of how we can help you. We promise to return your call [within 2 hours]. Thank you. 
  • Hello! You’ve reached [name of the Department]. We are currently closed but we’re always eager to help. Our regular business hours are [working hours and days]. Please leave your name and number after the tone and we’ll return your call by the end of our next business day. Press the [key] for additional options. Thank you for calling. 
  • You have reached [name of the Department]. All of our representatives are currently busy, but if you leave us a detailed message with your name and number, we will return your call in the next few hours. Thank you for calling and have a great day! 
Vacation or Holiday Business Greetings 
  • Thank you for calling [company name]. Our office is closed for the holiday weekend. Please leave a message and we’ll get back to you when we return on [date]. We appreciate your call. 
  • Hi, this is [your name]. I am currently on vacation until [date] with limited access to email. If you need assistance sooner, please contact [name] at [number]. Otherwise, please leave a message and I will call you back when I’m back in the office. Thank you for your call! 
  • Happy holidays! We are away until [date]. If your request is urgent, contact [emergency contact] at [number]. Otherwise, please leave your name and number at the tone and we’ll call you back when we return. Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday. 

Make Voicemail Work for You! 

Voicemail might seem like a fairly unimportant detail, but investing a little bit of time and creativity can really pay off! Professional voicemail greetings can help you compete effectively in today’s competitive business environment by demonstrating how much you value your customers, prospects, and business associates.

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