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Announcing Email Open Tracking and Email Click Tracking: Improve Your Sales Processes with Details About Your Sent Messages

We are delighted to introduce a pair of new features in the Inperium Sell CRM platform: email open tracking and email click tracking. This blog post explains how they work and the benefits they offer to your business.

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Petr Agulin

Petr Agulin

May 19, 2022

Announcing Email Open Tracking and Email Click Tracking: Improve Your Sales Processes with Details About Your Sent Messages


Inperium Sell is a modern cloud-based CRM system keenly focused on supporting the sales process. Effective communication between your sales teams and prospects and client is vital to the success of your business. Traditionally, communication was primarily by telephone, so it was easy to know where things stood: Either the customer picked up the call or did not, and their responses during the conversation revealed their level of engagement.

Today, however, a great deal of communication happens through email, and it is difficult to track the outcome of your messages. Did the recipient even open your email, or is it still lying unread in their inbox or spam folder? Did they check out any of the helpful links you provided? Without answers to those questions, you’re left in the dark about the best step to take next to advance the sales process. Even worse, if there’s no response to your email within a few days, the whole thread can easily get lost among all the many emails you send and receive every day, resulting in delays and even lost sales.

We’re happy to announce that Inperium Sell now makes it easy to get notified when someone opens your email, so you can keep your sales processes moving forward. Introducing the CRM email open tracking and email click tracking features! Read on to learn how to track an email with Inperium!

What are CRM email open tracking and email click tracking?

So, what is CRM email tracking?

Email open tracking lets you know whether the recipient have opened your email and replied to it.

Email click tracking records whether and how often they have clicked on the links inside it. Having these details right at hand empowers sales teams to make better decisions to drive the sales process forward, including whether to resend their email, nudge the recipients with a gentle follow-up email, pick up the phone, or continue to wait for a response without losing track of the email thread.

How do these CRM email tracking features work?

Inperium Sell uses a standard technique for tracking email opening: It embeds a one-pixel image into the HTML code of each sent email. When a recipient opens the message, their email client may automatically download the pictures inside it, including the tracking image, which is so small that it is imperceptible to the recipient. This action triggers a transmission to the sender with information about the event type and time of occurrence. Note that this information is provided only the first time the recipient opens the email.

It’s important to remember that some email clients do not download embedded images by default. Users who option not to download images present a limitation for any email open tracking service based on invisible pixel technology, including Inperium, since they know that an email was opened only if the tracking image was downloaded.

What information does Inperium Sell email tracking provide?

If the email tracking features are enabled, Inperium Sell provides the following information:

  1. The status of each sent email: Unopened, Opened (with date and time of the first opening), Replied (with date and time of the reply)
  2. The number of times that each link in the email was clicked on, and the date and time of the most recent click
  3. This information is displayed in two places:
  • In the activity timelines of the associated entities (usually contacts and companies):

create activity

  • In the header of the sent email in the Message Center:

    massage centre

What are the benefits of these CRM email tracking features?

About 4 in 10 business emails today are tracked by the sender. Why is this technology so popular? Here are top benefits it delivers:

  • You know whether recipients have opened your messages, so you don’t waste time and annoy customers with unnecessary follow-up emails. Without email open tracking, when you get no response to your message, you have no way of knowing where the communication stands. Have they read your message, or it is still unopened because it got buried in their inbox or sent to spam? As a result, you have to spend time creating a reminder to follow up, and even more time composing a second message. Moreover, you run the risk of annoying a client who did open your first email and ignored it. With email tracking tools, you’ll know whether the recipient opened the email and can see if and when they responded, so you don’t have to manage reminders or waste time on unnecessary follow-up emails.
  • You understand whether you need to reduce the number of emails you send. Crafting and sending emails take a good deal of your valuable time. With email tracking tools, you know whether that effort is worthwhile — if few of your emails are being opened, you might consider spending your time on other strategies or figuring out how to make your messages more appealing.
  • You know when to send the next email. Thanks to email tracking, you will know the specific date and time when the recipient read your initial email. With this information, you can be more confident in choosing the ideal time to send your next message.
  • You know which resources are of interest to your client. Email click tracking enables you to know exactly which links in your emails were the most compelling for your clients. This information can help you ensure further communications are targeted to each customer’s needs and interests, and to build trust by consistently providing resources that are of value.

How do you control the email tracking features in Inperium Sell?

Currently, the email tracking functions are either enabled or disabled for the entire tenant; they cannot be turned on or off for individual users. To enable or disable these features, you should:

  1. Open the Inperium Sell settings.

  2. Go to the menu item Email and select the nested item Tracking.

  3. Use the toggle controls to enable or disable Open and reply tracking and Click tracking.


  4. Click Save.


Accurate and timely tracking of whether and when your emails were opened and how often recipients clicked on your links is immensely valuable to your business. You can make better decisions that increase your chances of closing a deal, making an appointment, or just starting a conversation. Plus, analyzing the data further can help you understand which resources are interesting to your clients so you can engage with them more effectively, enabling you to efficiently close more deals.

Please note that because tracking enables you to obtain information about the actions of your customers, it can be wise to inform them that you are using this technical feature. For example, you might explain your use of email tracking tools in your security policy and in the terms and conditions for subscribing to your email newsletter.


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