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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Voice Intelligence

In this blog post, we will look at the role voice intelligence plays in transforming the customer experience and how you can implement it into the customer journey.

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Elizaveta Komarova

Elizaveta Komarova

May 11, 2021

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Voice Intelligence

Bad customer experiences can result in churn; in fact, 59% of clients have stated they will walk away from a company they love after being subjected to poor customer service.

In the modern world of business, artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated business intelligence technologies are transforming the customer experience. Technologies such as voice intelligence can provide a competitive edge when it comes to customer experience, gathering valuable insights and personalizing the journey making the customers feel connected and appreciated.

When we first became accustomed to a voice assistant with our mobile phones and computers, they were more of a novelty and lacked sophistication. Thanks to AI technology, voice technology has improved extensively, making it a driver for tech innovation. This improvement has seen voice technology seep its way into our everyday lives. It is present in our smartwatches, in our cars, and even in our homes, so it seems only natural that Voice Technology would become an integral part of the way modern businesses operate.

Before we can deep dive into tactics to improve customer satisfaction with voice intelligence, we need first to understand exactly what artificial, business, and voice intelligence are.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a technology that enables a machine to simulate human behavior; the aim of AI is to allow smart computer systems to solve complex problems like human beings. As time goes on, AI becomes more capable of producing accurate results, as the more it learns about you and your preferences, the more precise the results become.

What Is Business Intelligence?

The term Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies, software, and applications that collect, integrate, analyze and transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s business decisions.

What Is Voice Intelligence?

Voice intelligence (VI) is a form of business intelligence that also utilizes AI technology. VI analyses conversations and provides intelligent conversation insights to help businesses make smarter business decisions. Voice Intelligence can help with everyday tasks such as taking notes in meetings, creating to-do lists and assisting with customer service. VI is able to capture the customers’ sentiments, feedback, likes, and dislikes; voice technology can begin to understand the voice of a customer while simultaneously the technology is able to learn from those interactions, teaching itself as well as your customer care team how to serve your clients better.

How AI Can Successfully Impact Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, making a good customer journey the difference between success and failure for a company. One of the best ways to evaluate if your customer experience is working is data. Voice intelligence can impact customer experience by enabling the ease of data access and increasing the speed of decision-making.

Here are four ways that Voice Intelligence can improve customer satisfaction, and therefore improve customer loyalty.

Make Sure Vital Information Is Not Lost

Regardless of how experienced and well trained your customer service team is when handling hundreds of calls; sometimes important information can be missed. Voice Intelligence provides the ultimate fail-safe, picking up valuable information on every call, converting it into a transcript, or putting it into a dashboard or report. Voice Intelligence not only makes sure that important information is not missed, and it saves customer service representatives time and effort on manual data entry, freeing up their time to support a larger volume of calls.

Provide Valuable Insights

Voice Intelligence is able to provide valuable insights by uncovering the reality of what happened during a call and the root cause for any dissatisfaction. Voice Intelligence can analyze thousands of hours of calls, gathering large quantities of data and turning it into structured insights. Voice intelligence has the ability to detect a wide range of information, such as the reason for the call, length of the call, customers’ tone, and most common cause of complaints. This information can be vital for identifying trends, improving processes, and optimizing your customer journey, enabling management to identify any opportunities or weaknesses and make the changes needed.

Identify Coaching Opportunities for Customer Service Agents

To ensure that your customer service representatives provide a high-quality service, companies need to implement quality control. Traditionally this can be quite labor-intensive for management as it is done through monitoring and listening in on calls to identify challenges or opportunities for growth. With the introduction of voice intelligence, it is easier to identify whether your agents are following regulatory conditions and adhering to scripts. Voice intelligence can also be used to learn how your most successful agents work, transcribing their conversations and using them to replicate techniques. Voice intelligence allows for more targeted training enabling you to tailor each training package and develop a more effective team.

Personalize the Customer Journey

As voice intelligence continues to develop, it will continue to provide more individualized experiences. Voice intelligence has taken chatbots one step further, as you can have an actual, friendly voice that can communicate with your clients, can answer questions and direct your customers to the right department if needed. Voice technology helps to improve the customer experience by lowering wait times for call queues, providing a 24/7 service, and providing a seamless user experience.


No matter what industry you’re in, voice technologies can enhance your customer’s journey. Voice intelligence is a fantastic tool to improve service quality, increase satisfaction and boost customer loyalty. Through evaluating real-time data, voice technology can quickly and efficiently identify any weaknesses in your process, spot opportunities, and improve quality assurance. AI integrated with voice technology can provide us with intelligent and informed customer experiences, enabling the journey to feel more personalized and natural to the customer.

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