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Inperium Product Updates in August

As always, at Inperium we're looking to make your business life easier and communication streamlined and organized with the latest updates. Read on for this month’s recap of all Inperium news, including product feature updates, new blog posts, and more.

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Elizaveta Komarova

Elizaveta Komarova

Aug 26, 2022

Inperium Product Updates in August

What’s New in Inperium Talk

Log all your calls automatically thanks to call syncing with Inperium Sell

Users who use both Inperium Sell and Imperium Talk can now enjoy a complete call history, without any hassle. Simply make calls in Inperium Talk calls normally, and they can be automatically logged into the activity timelines of the respective contacts in Inperium Sell. This new feature helps ensure you have a complete history of communications at your fingertips and provides managers with a better understanding of how employees are interacting with customers and prospects, giving them more insights than ever before.

Sync contacts effortlessly between your core business systems

Always have accurate contact details at hand by automatically synchronizing contact data between Inperium Sell and Inperium Talk. With this bi-directional synchronization, every update you make to a contact in one tool is automatically reflected in the other, so you never have to wonder which one is the authoritative source. 

Reduce customer frustration by enabling callers to leave a voicemail instead of waiting in a call queue

With Inperium Talk, managing your call queue has never been easier. Now you can offer callers the option of leaving a voicemail instead of continuing to wait in the queue! This will minimize frustrating wait time for clients while distributing work fairly so agents don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed out.

Create a positive customer experience with flexible text-to-speech audio prompts for your call queues

Ensure your call queue messages sound natural and professional. With Inperium Talk’s AI-based text-to-speech audio prompts, you just type the text you want and choose the voice that best suits your company from a wide variety of voices and languages. With Imperium Talk, you can give callers a great first impression of your company — without having to record any greeting prompts yourself.

Optimize inbound call handling with company main line and extensions 

Now Inperium Talk allows you to choose your main business phone number and set up extensions. Extensions are a quick way of reaching a user, auto-receptionist, or call queue without having to go through a long IVR menu or remembering a direct phone number. Plus, your main business phone number can optionally be used as the outbound caller ID for all your teams, so customers know who is calling them.

Make it easier for your operators to manage their time and be more flexible with On/Off Duty status

Empower your operators to be more effective and flexible around work hours with the new On/Off Duty toggle, which allows them to turn their participation in call queues on or off. Now they can easily take breaks during work hours and have the system redirect calls to an on-duty operator. 

Work on the go no matter where you are with the Inperium Talk app for Apple iPad and Android tablets 

Turn your tablet into a powerful tool for business communications! The Inperium Talk mobile app has been enhanced to support both iPads and Android tablets, as well as smartphones. Make and receive calls, seamlessly access call history, manage contacts, and so much more. You can quickly download the app and enjoy high-quality business calls on your tablet of choice. Learn more from our blog article.

Make your product experience more efficient with the new user menu

The Inperium Talk user menu got a refresh! It has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate, saving you valuable time. You can quickly reach our support team, open documentation, report an issue, or check out news and product updates!  

Connect with an agent instantly via our support chat and get a timely response

Get an even faster response to your questions by using Inperium’s new support chat instead of our Contact Us form. Simply open the intuitive live chat and your issue will be resolved quickly by our friendly and experienced support team.

Get started with Inperium Talk faster with our new onboarding product tour

The new onboarding product tour makes it quick and easy to get started with Inperium Talk. It will guide you through the configuration process and provide tips for using and customizing features. Get started in minutes and increase product adoption!

What’s New in Inperium Sell

Group users into teams for more advanced record sharing, reporting, and collaboration 

Simplify your business processes and strengthen team collaboration by creating and managing teams in the Inperium Sell CRM! Now you can organize users into teams and easily use our dashboards and reports to see how each team is performing. You can also filter your companies, contacts, and deals by teams and specify whether your users can view only their own records or their team’s records.

Manage your email privacy with an email address exclusion list 

Easily maintain privacy in your email communications by excluding certain email addresses or domains from being added to the activity timelines of your companies, contacts, and deals. Just add any email address or domain to the new logging exclusion list, and all messages sent to or received from that email address or domain by any Inperium Sell user will be exempt from logging. Learn more about this feature from our blog.

Refresh Message Center content in just one click 

Be confident your messages are up to date! While the Message Center checks frequently for new incoming or outgoing emails, sometimes you might want to see what’s new right away. Now you can — simply click the new synchronization button to refresh the list of messages.

Save time by sending emails directly from a contact page 

Now you can work even faster by sending emails directly from a contact’s detail page using the new “Send an email” option. Of course, you can also still choose to send emails from the Inperium Sell Message Center. 

Create deals in one click directly from a company’s detail page

Now you can create a deal in one click, directly from a company’s detail page in Inperium Sell. Speed up the sales process and close more deals with all important company details at hand! 

Inperium Blog Updates

Improve your sales processes with email open tracking and email click tracking features in the Inperium Sell CRM

Check out the benefits of these Inperium Sell features and learn how to get valuable business intelligence about your sent messages.

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