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Inperium Product Updates in March: New Features and Blog Posts

The team over at Inperium is always working hard to make your business life easier, and we're excited to bring new features and updates come out. This blog post will cover changes in our advanced cloud phone system - Inperium Talk which has been updated with powerful features for entrepreneurs as well as small businesses which can now get a professional calling plan without breaking the budgets! Plus, you will learn what's new in CRM system - Inperium Sell and how these improvements enhance your revenue forecasting process, make you CRM data concise and up-to date can ever before.

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Tatiana Ogurtsovskaia

Tatiana Ogurtsovskaia

Apr 29, 2022

Inperium Product Updates in March: New Features and Blog Posts

What’s New in Inperium Talk

A new plan for startups, entrepreneurs, and new companies that are on a tight budget!

If you’re getting phone charges that are too high and paying monthly packages which usually go unused is not an option then this must be just what you are looking for. With Inperium Talk you can select what works best for YOU. We are introducing a new Inperium Talk pricing plan for startups and entrepreneurs Pay as you go! There is no base fee compared to other Inperium Talk plans, you only pay $5 per month per phone number and your calling minutes.

Parallel calls option to ensure no calls go missed

Now you can easily put any active call on hold to accept or make another call in parallel. With Inperium Talk, you no longer need to carry the second business cell phone with you. Instead, simply put an active call on hold and answer another one if several people are reaching out to you at the same time. Besides, you can also place your current caller on hold, merge multiple calls and make new outbound calls yourself.

Easily call your teammates with no limits

Inperium Talk users across the tenant can now communicate more efficiently by calling each other without having assigned phone numbers. Each company contact now has an “Internal Call” option that they can use to instantly initiate a phone call. Additionally, contacts of your colleagues across the tenant can see their availability status right from the contact list.

A mobile app to sign up directly and enjoy your favorite Inperium Talk features

If you’re always on the go, don’t waste time switching between your phone and browser or laptop. Use Inperium Talk mobile app whenever and wherever you are with the ability to create your account directly from our app. We optimized your onboarding process, so that you can enjoy your favorite phone features immediately right on your mobile device! Signing up couldn’t be easier!

What’s New in Inperium Sell

Attachments preview option for time saving

Now your files are right at hand: Inperium Sell allows you to preview attached files to each of your records without opening them in a separate window or downloading them. Simply click the attachment to preview the file and save your time to find the file you need.

Improved merge objects feature to make you CRM data concise and up-to date

No more mess, duplicated records or missing details – Inperium Sell provides you with improved merge objects feature to avoid skipping any changes to the same object. Now Inperium Sell users can quickly and efficiently merge objects with a click of a button and always have up-to-date CRM data. Take control of complex data without any hassle.

Multi selected properties for getting even more granular with information you store about you customers

Multi selected properties at Inperium Sell is a great new capability that allows customers to create custom fields for all their records - contacts, companies or deals to store multiple values such as “Resellers” or “Products of Interest” in just one field but with multiple values. For example, if a deal has multiple resellers, they could now attach all of them to the same deal. So, using filtering based on several values in the list will significantly save your time searching for a particular record.

Weighted revenue for pipelines to easily forecast your revenue

Now Inperium Sell allows you to predict how much revenue you can expect providing the calculation of the weighted value for each pipeline stage. By multiplying the sum of values of all deals in each stage by that stage’s win probability you will always have a more realistic sales picture and contribute to consistent business growth. With Inperium Sell you have more detailed sales forecasting tool to evaluate your business success.

Email opens tracking for getting more control of your email communications

The success of your business depends on the ability to make the right move at the right time and we try to help you making the right decisions. Now Inperium Sell provides you with more clarity about what happened to emails you sent - were they successfully sent or sending went bad, were they delivered or not, opened or clicked through, how many clicks were done etc. Knowing these details, you can make well considered business decisions, schedule next emails to send them at the right time or improve follow-ups.

Inperium Blog Updates

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While we’ve highlighted the new features that can save you time and money with Inperium, this is just a taste of what our CRM and cloud-based phone system can do for your business. If you don’t have an Inperium account yet, sign up now and try Inperium products for free for 14 days. You’ll have all the features of the plans you choose — and receive full support during the entire trial period. Inperium Talk’s mobile app for iOS and Android lets you talk with your teammates, customers and prospects without any limitations. Plus, you can keep in touch on the go, and take advantage of all the Inperium Talk features you love. Get started today!


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