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Inperium Talk’s Mobile App Now Supports Apple iPads and Android Tablets

The new update to the Inperium Talk mobile app extends its supported devices to Apple iPads and Android tablets. Now you can use your business telephone system not just on your smartphone but also on your tablet of choice!

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Veronika Petrova

Veronika Petrova

Jul 04, 2022

Inperium Talk’s Mobile App Now Supports Apple iPads and Android Tablets

Work on the go with mobile apps

In today’s hybrid work environment, professionals rely on their smartphones to perform work tasks on the go. However, a small screen isn’t always optimal when you’re working, such as when you’re crafting a long email or doing research. Tablets provide the same mobility with a larger screen and an enhanced keyboard, making it easier to perform many work tasks.

Accordingly, we have enhanced the Inperium Talk mobile app to support both iPads and Android tablets. We’ve upgraded it to work perfectly with the bigger screens of these devices, while keeping the business phone functionality and features you depend upon. As a result, it’s easier than ever to do your work, no matter where you happen to be

Inperium Talk is now available on your tablet

Modern businesses require modern software that can be easily used on every device — especially now that so many organizations have adopted a hybrid work environment where professionals are constantly switching between their remote and physical offices.

Inperium Talk’s mobile softphone app makes and receiving calls equally convenient, whether you’re using your work computer or your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Indeed, the app turns your personal mobile device into a powerful tool for business communications. You can make and receive calls with just one tap, enjoy high-quality sound, and take advantage of advanced features like flexible calling options. A friendly interface design makes navigating the app simple and easy.

Key features

Inperium Talk’s mobile app brings the most important features of the platform’s web client to your smartphone or tablet. Using your mobile device, you can:

Conveniently make and receive local and international calls

The world is on your mobile device now, as you are able to make and receive calls anywhere with Inperium Talk. Unchain yourself from your corporate office — and even your home office! Simply transfer your current phone numbers to Inperium Talk or claim new ones from more than 100 countries, and you’ll immediately be able to use the mobile app to place and receive calls, anywhere, anytime.

Handle all your calls professionally

Connect with anyone, whether they have a mobile, landline, or virtual number. During a call, you can easily add participants, transfer the call, record the conversation, mute participants, switch to speakerphone, or put someone on hold.

Seamlessly access your complete call history

Keep track of your calls from an easy-to-use interface. See all the key details, such as who called you and when it happened, and check whether you have any voicemail messages — right on your tablet. In a single tap, you can return a call you missed or listen to any recorded call.

Store and manage your contacts

Easily add, access, and manage your contacts, including their various phone numbers, email addresses, company names, and physical addresses. Work wherever it’s convenient for you; contacts are automatically synchronized between the Inperium Talk mobile app and its web interface, as well as with Inperium Sell or another CRM system.

Avoid high costs and complexity

You don’t have to purchase any expensive hardware or juggle multiple devices to enjoy all the benefits of a professional phone system. Simply install the Inperium Talk softphone app on your current Android or iOS mobile device and you’re good to go.

Communicate with your team members

Easily make and receive internal calls. This capability comes in handy when users within an organization do not have assigned phone numbers but still need occasional voice communication.


Discover a better way to communicate and collaborate, no matter where you are. Whether you need a comprehensive business phone solution or simply need to separate your work and personal calls, Inperium Talk is right for you. It’s powerful, flexible, and affordable.

And thanks to our updated mobile app, you can now use your business phone system not just on your smartphone but also on your tablet of choice, anytime, anywhere!

You can quickly download our iPad or Android app and enjoy high-quality business calls on your tablet. And with our 14-day trial, you can test all of Inperium Talk’s features for free, no credit card required!


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