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A New Way to Cut Business Phone Bills: the Inperium Talk Pay As You Go Plan

Finally, a cloud phone system that’s affordable! A business phone system remains an essential tool for companies regardless of their size. Organizations need to ensure that incoming calls are handled efficiently and professionally and that employees can place calls no matter where they are, conveniently review their voicemail messages, and so on.

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Veronika Petrova

Veronika Petrova

Apr 07, 2022

A New Way to Cut Business Phone Bills: the Inperium Talk Pay As You Go Plan

Still, the reality is that more and more phone calls are being replaced by Microsoft Teams, Zoom, messaging applications, and other communication channels. As a result, organizations are using far fewer call minutes — but all too often, they are still paying for expensive unlimited phone plans. This unnecessary cost hits entrepreneurs and SMBs particularly hard, since they don’t have budget to waste.

A pay as you go pricing plan designed for small and growing companies

At Inperium, we believe it’s time for organizations that don’t use the phone a lot to stop overpaying for unlimited phone plans. Accordingly, we have launched a new ** pay as you go** pricing plan for our cloud-based phone system, Inperium Talk. Entrepreneurs and SMBs can now get a professional online calling solution at a very affordable cost.

You pay just $5 per phone number per month, plus the cost of the minutes you actually use. As a result, you can significantly reduce your phone bills while enjoying a nice phone system with many powerful features, such as auto-receptionists, call forwarding, SMS messages, conference calls, mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and top-notch support — functionality you simply can’t get in free cloud-based phone systems.

However, because you don’t get a huge amount of calls toll free numbers, IVR menu and call queues may not be essential part of your cloud phone system, so that’s why these advanced features are excluded from the Pay as you go.

Choosing the right Inperium Talk pricing plan for you

Pay as you go is perfect for individuals who run a business on their own, as well as small startups with just a few employees. As your business grows, you can easily add more phone numbers to your pay as you go plan or choose to purchase packages of minutes at a discounted rate instead of paying for exactly what you use. You can even move to one of our other pricing plans, easily and seamlessly.

Here’s a summary of all 4 Inperium Talk pricing plans:

pricing plans summary

For any plan, each extra phone number costs $5 per month, regardless of billing cycle.

You can make your price per call-minute lower on the pay as you go plan by purchasing a call minute package. You can also add these call minute packages to the other plans:

Small (500 min): $19.50

Medium (1,000 min): $39

Large (2,500 min): $75

X-Large (5,000 min): $139

With Inperium Talk, there are never any unpleasant surprises on your bill

In addition to charging exorbitant fees for unlimited plans you don’t need, traditional telephony system providers sometimes add on services that you may not want and forget to discontinue, further bloating your monthly bill. Read our blog post “Why Your Business Phone Bill Is So High? 10 Ways How Providers Are Overcharging You” to learn about the common unnecessary charges that providers tack on. Even small monthly fees can really add up over the course of a year. With Inperium Talk, what you see is what you get — there are never any hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.

Additional savings from choosing a cloud-based solution

A traditional phone system involves a variety of hassles and expenses, from buying phone numbers from telecom operators to purchasing and setting up expensive hardware to managing complicated workflows. Even worse, these solutions often experience issues that result in dropped calls, response delays, poor communication quality and so on — frustrating employees and customers alike.

As a cloud-based solution, Inperium Talk does not require you to purchase any costly hardware. Its web-based management interface helps you swiftly choose the settings you need to get started and then further tailor the solution to maximize the effectiveness of your communications.

A wealth of easy-to-use features

Despite offering remarkably competitive prices for SMBs, Inperium Talk provides them with an extensive set of business cloud phone features. Here are just a few of the capabilities included in the pay as you go plan:

• Auto-receptionists

• Domestic phone numbers

• SMS messages

• Conference calls

• Call forwarding

• Parallel calls

• Mobile apps for Android and iOS

These features enable you to ensure all calls are handled professionally while saving you money. For example, auto-receptionists reduce or even eliminate the need to hire human receptionists.

Because Inperium is committed to transparency and customer satisfaction, we ask you to please note that Inperium Talk does not provide video conferencing or meeting scheduling.

Try Inperium Talk for free now

To help you evaluate cloud calling solutions and find the best one your business, we invite you to a free trial of our global cloud-based phone system for small business. In just a minute, you can create an account and have a free cloud-based phone system at your service — with no need to provide your credit card information. Then you can try out all the features of Inperium Talk for yourself for 14 days.


Starting and running a small business is expensive — but your phone system does not have to be! Inperium Talk offers a host of different plans to fit any need. The new pay as you go pricing plan is particularly beneficial to SMBs because you don’t pay for advanced features or minutes you don’t use. As a result, you can save your precious budget for initiatives that strengthen and expand your business.


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