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Inperium Product Updates in December: New Features and Blog Posts

Inperium is constantly working to improve its products and make them the best they can be for our users. This blog post will provide an overview of availability status and better tracking of contacts in Inperium Talk as well as activities features and quickly customizing quotes in Inperium Sell.

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Elizaveta Komarova

Elizaveta Komarova

Feb 10, 2022

Inperium Product Updates in December: New Features and Blog Posts

What’s New in Inperium Talk

Let your team know your presence by setting your availability status

Now Inperium Talk users can easily regulate their incoming call volume and avoid wasting time trying to connect with colleagues who are busy or unavailable. Status options include Available, On a Call, Offline, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible. Additionally, this can help you to split your work and personal time.

Keep better track of important contacts by organizing them into groups

Organize your contacts in a best way with Inperium Talk. Now you can easily find a particular contact in Inperium Talk by grouping your contacts into categories:

  • Favorites — Contacts you want to get in touch with most often and mark as favorite to have a quicker access to them;
  • Company — Contacts of your colleagues across the tenant (you can see their availability status right in your contact list!);
  • External — Contacts you’ve added to Inperium Talk as well as contacts shared by your colleagues;
  • On-device — Contacts that exist only on your device when using the Inperium Talk mobile app (this category is applied automatically).

Stay on top of your messages with the new Voicemail page

Easily access your voicemail on a separate page so you can stay on top of your messages and provide timely responses to requests from prospects and customers. In addition, auto-receptionist (AR) operators can now access voicemail messages at a voicemail page, in addition to automatically routing incoming calls to the right person or call queue during off-work hours. You can easily check these messages from both the Inperium Talk mobile app and the web interface.

What’s New in Inperium Sell

Improve your customer communications with new Activities features Keep better track of all your communications with these new enhancements:

  • Custom activity types — Create new activity types to meet your needs, such as Call, Meeting, or Event. Then filter the list of activities by type to see only what you’re interested in.
  • Activity overview page — Get a summary of all your team’s activities in your account, including details of events, calls, deals, and other actions with customers.
  • Activity timeline — Track all your interactions with clients by adding appointments, emails, phone calls, events, and tasks to your timeline. Scroll through them at any time to quickly review the entire history of communication with a particular customer.

Close more deals by quickly customizing quotes

Inperium Sell has always empowered sales reps to create personalized quotes in just a few clicks. Now you can customize your quotes even further to meet your customers’ needs by overwriting and sorting product items, as well as by changing quote details manually. Customize your sales proposals and make the sales process hassle-free.

Inperium Blog Updates

Speed up your sales by using eSignatures for quotes

Discover how to close more deals and get paid faster by using flexible quoting with eSignatures in Inperium Sell.

Reduce business expenses while increasing data security

Check out this FAQs to discover how software-as-a-service (SaaS) SaaS solutions can reduce operational costs, increase data security, and enhance employee productivity.


Speed up your sales and reduce business expenses by taking advantage of the new features we’ve just upgraded in our CRM and Cloud Phone System for businesses. Stay connected wherever you are—just set your availability status ahead of time! Now is a great time to let everyone know what meetings you can attend during the day so they can plan accordingly. Set yourself apart from others by making sure people remember when they need you most. If you don’t have an Inperium account yet, sign up now and try Inperium products for free for 14 days. You’ll have all the features of the plans you choose — and receive full support during the entire trial period.


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