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Power Up Your Communications with Inperium Talk’s User Availability Status

In today’s blog post, we will introduce you to Inperium Talk’s user availability status. This new feature lets users specify whether they are available to receive calls and other communications, which makes it easier to regulate incoming call volume and avoid wasting time trying to reach colleagues who are already on a call or otherwise unavailable.

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Elizaveta Komarova

Elizaveta Komarova

Dec 30, 2021

Power Up Your Communications with Inperium Talk’s User Availability Status

This feature is particularly helpful in organizations that engage in a wide range of online conversations and activities and will be useful both for business executives and employees.

Key benefits of availability status

  • Improved customer satisfaction — Using the availability status helps ensure that external callers are always routed to an available employee instead of getting irritated or frustrated by being connected to a line with no answer.
  • Higher employee productivity — When you can see your colleagues’ current availability at a glance, you don’t waste time trying to reach unavailable team members.
  • Easier remote work management — It can be challenging for managers to keep an eye on their remote employees, but the availability status feature provides real-time insight into their presence.
  • Greater flexibility in collaboration — indicating availability allows your team to find better slots for chats or phone calls and helps them communicate in a flexible way.
  • Better workload optimization — Setting your status automatically regulates your incoming calls, so you can focus on meetings or take your lunch break knowing that callers are redirected appropriately.

Availability status options in Inperium Talk

Inperium Talk is designed to streamline your communications and boost your team efficiency. Now Inperium Talk makes it possible for users to let colleagues know their presence by setting user availability status. So, they will not feel irritated being connected to a line with no answer or a busy tone. Inperium Talk status options include ‘Available’, ‘In a Call’, ‘Offline’, ‘Do Not Disturb’, and ‘Invisible’. It can either be set automatically or manually by a user. In some cases, status can limit the ability to receive incoming phone calls. Besides, user availability status can be used both for incoming calls and in call queue processes.

Let’s dive deeper into details and look at the meaning and characteristics of different status options at Inperium Talk.

Status options

There are three status options that can be set manually:

  • Available — You are ready to receive phone calls and other work communications, as well as serve as an operator for applicable call queues.
  • Invisible — Use this option when you want to keep your availability status private, but would like to continue using the service: functionally, this allows you to be online without appearing as such to other contacts, so that other users can still contact you.
  • Do Not Disturb — All your incoming calls are immediately declined and callers are directed to your voicemail. All calls are recorded in your call history automatically. This status also excludes you from being an operator for call queues. When you select this status, you will be asked to specify how long it should be active: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, or forever. When the selected time period is up, the system will automatically return you to the previous status you set; if you choose “Forever”, you will remain in Do Not Disturb status until you manually change it. There are also two status options that are set by the system automatically:
  • In a Call — This status is automatically applied when you are on an active call through Inperium Talk. In a Call status excludes you from being a call queue operator since you are already talking to someone. Once the call is finished, your status will go back to your last status before the call.
  • Offline — This status is set automatically when you become unavailable, such as when you log off from Inperium Talk or your connection is lost. It prevents you from receiving phone calls or serving as a call queue operator. This functionality ensures that callers are not directed to you while you are on vacation or otherwise not connected to the system.

Inperium Talk’s user availibility status allows you to better monitor the availability of team members (e.g., after work hours, during calls, or at other busy times during the day) and optimize the team’s workload. In addition, it greatly helps to split work and personal time. For example, if your colleagues are busy, take a day off or unavailable due to other reasons, they may set a specific status that will help them reduce the number of incoming calls during these hours. At the same time, if users are ready to accept calls, then they can use the ‘Available’ status to indicate the readiness to receive calls so that to help other users route communications. All this helps to balance the workload and reduce dissatisfaction for callers.


The availability status feature of Inperium Talk helps organizations monitor employee availability, optimize team workloads, and improve the caller experience to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Try it out today!


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