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Speed Up Your Sales by Using Flexible Quoting with eSignatures in Inperium Sell

Creating sales quotes for prospects and getting them signed is one of the most important parts of the deal process. Indeed, the sooner an offer is signed, the sooner your business can get paid. Many sales teams, though, spend huge chunks of their time slogging through the task of producing quotes, sending them to prospects, and engaging in endless back-and-forth requests for modifications or new quotes. The associated frustration and loss of momentum can even lead to prospects walking away.

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Elizaveta Komarova

Elizaveta Komarova

Dec 16, 2021

Speed Up Your Sales by Using Flexible Quoting with eSignatures in Inperium Sell

A great way to avoid these problems is to use a CRM solution that makes it easy to quickly create accurate, personalized business proposals directly, share them with prospects, and provide an electronic signature option to finalize the deal quickly. In this blog post we will explain how you can speed up your sales and help your business by using the flexible quoting and eSignature option in the Inperium Sell CRM system.

How does sales quoting work?

In Inperium Sell, you can easily create and track all your deals. When you’re ready to negotiate the terms with your potential customer, you can easily produce several quotes, each with a different set of products, quantities, special discounts, payment plans, etc. In addition, each quote can be bound to a particular contact person and assigned an expiration date. 

1 add products

You can share the quotes with your clients online. Once they review them and choose the one they prefer, they can use the electronic signature feature to agree to the terms and conditions. All products included in the quote are then established as deal products, and you can easily create an invoice and send it to the client. 

How can flexible quoting help my business?

This feature delivers multiple benefits to your organization. 

Streamlined quoting can boost sales team efficiency.

Integrated online sales quoting can save your team enormous amounts of time — enabling them to focus on advancing through the selling cycle for all their prospects instead of being mired in time-consuming manual tasks.

In fact, the step-by-step wizard in Inperium Sell enables your sales reps to create personalized quotes in just a few clicks, right from your CRM. All they have to do is select the details, such as which customer the quote is for and which products or services to include. All relevant information is pulled automatically from Inperium Sell — details about the companies involved, the services or products to be included, prices, quantities, and applicable discounts — to ensure each sales offer is both detailed and accurate. 

For even faster quote creation, Inperium Sell also empowers you to create a new quote by cloning an existing one. Then all you need to do is tweak the details for the new prospect

Plus, you can personalize any quote for the prospective buyer using their company’s logo — a time-tested way to demonstrate your commitment and strengthen your relationship.

2 details

Allowing clients to eSign quotes can speed up your sales cycle and result in more closed deals.

An electronic signature is a great way to speed up your sales processes because it’s efficient for both you and your clients. Clients can eSign from their device, wherever they happen to be — there’s no need to set up appointments or send physical documents via mail or courier. 

At the same time, offering use of eSignature can reduce the volume of back-and-forth emails and calls requesting additional offers — and make it easy for potential customers to make a choice in your favor. Prospects often receive multiple quotes from different companies; being able to get one of them signed without all the hassle can be very attractive for them. It’s a win-win: they can start moving forward with the business processes that require your products or services, and you reduce turnaround time and increase conversion rates.

3 accept quote

Improved sales quote management helps optimize sales process.  

The Imperium Sell CRM also helps you improve your sales flows. It provides authoritative information about all your deals and quotes online — at a glance, you can review a list of all your quotes, the status of each one, and the amount of revenue from the proposed deal. 

Plus, the quoting workflow saves you time, helps eliminate costly mistakes, and keeps you in control. You can save quotes as drafts, or immediately send them to clients. Inperium Sell notifies you automatically whenever one of your quotes is accepted, If you created multiple quotes for a customer, you can clearly see which one was accepted; you can easily delete the others or keep them in reserve.

Close more deals by offering customers multiple quotes.

Often, deal discussions cover several options. Thanks to the streamlined quote creation process in Inperium Sell, you can easily generate as many user quotes as you like for any deal and offer your prospect multiple options right up front. Instead of having to phone or email back and forth, you simply send your prospect links to the offers, and they can easily review them and select the one they prefer. You’ll be notified immediately whenever a quote is accepted. Moreover, you can also easily accept a quote on behalf of a client if they ask you to do it for them. 


Being able to build professional, personalized quotes in minutes and enable clients to sign them online is a huge competitive advantage. The process doesn’t just save you time and money, it also helps you close more deals and get paid faster! Plus, the Inperium Sell CRM can also generate and send invoices automatically and keep full track of payments, making the entire process of managing quotes efficient and hassle-free.


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