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Announcing Reusable Text Snippets: Be More Productive and Professional in Your Daily Work in the Inperium Sell CRM

In today’s post, we will introduce you to a new feature of Inperium Sell that can make your written communication easier and even more professional, while saving you plenty of time: text snippets.

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Petr Agulin

Petr Agulin

Jun 07, 2021

Announcing Reusable Text Snippets: Be More Productive and Professional in Your Daily Work in the Inperium Sell CRM

Sales reps spend a good chunk of each day communicating with prospects, clients, and colleagues. Unfortunately, many CRM products provide few — if any — built-in communication features to help.

Inperium Sell is different. Its Message Center includes extensive communication capabilities right out of the box. And now we’ve added a new capability to make your written communications even more powerful and efficient: text snippets.

What Are Text Snippets?

Text snippets are short, reusable blocks of text that you proactively craft and save in Inperium Sell. Then, when you are writing a text message in the CRM, you can quickly insert any previously saved snippet. This saves you the trouble of typing phrases you frequently use over and over — and the risk of making typos and other errors. A couple of clicks and your deliberately written and perfectly formatted text is inserted just where you need it.

When Would I Use Text Snippets?

For most of us, daily communications involve writing the same phrases in messages to different people or making similar notes to yourself about different clients. For example, we repeatedly use a standard polite greeting, suggest the same course of action to prospects in the same stage of their journey, and jot down reminders to ourselves to perform the same tasks. How much time could you save if you could automate this part of your daily routine?

You can currently use text snippets when you are creating:

  • Emails
  • Email templates
  • An activity records on a company, contact, or deal

We’re actively working to add snippets to other areas of the product, including sales quotes and multi-line property fields.

Let’s review some examples of how Inperium Sell’s text snippets can be really useful!


Many emails you write or respond to in your CRM system contain phrases that can be turned into reusable text snippets. Examples include:

• Standard greeting

“I hope this email finds you well. My name is John Brown and I am the sales manager at BestCompany.”

• Standard polite reply

“Thank you for your inquiry. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions in detail. Should we have a call sometime this or next week?”

• Reminder

“Following up on my last email, I wanted to see if you have checked out our service offering yet.”

• Suggestion to have a call or a meeting

“Is there a good time for you in the next few days for a brief call to discuss our solution?”

• Common idiomatic expressions

“After all, actions speak louder than words.”

Email templates

Text snippets are also handy when you’re creating email templates, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your messaging. For example, you might want to use snippets like these:

• Company information

“Our company is the leading provider of network security solutions. We help teams like yours keep ahead of cyber threats.”

• Your work schedule or company business hours

“Feel free to call me directly at +1 (305) 901-5650 during workdays from 9 AM to 6 PM EST.”

• Out-of-the-office notes

“Thank you for your message. I am out of the office today with no access to email.”

• Purchasing terms

“Please be assured that no additional charges will be added to your final price.”

• Billing details

“Please pay your bill within 20 days of the invoice date.”

Activity logs

Every company, contact, and deal in Inperium Sell has an Activity Feed area that shows all actions that have occurred or are planned with that entity. You can use text snippets when you create a new note, call, meeting, or task in the Activity Feed. Here are just a few examples:

• Note

“The prospect is dissatisfied with their current solution. They are considering switching to another vendor.”

• Call

“Giving the prospect an introductory call to better qualify them.”

• Meeting

“Scheduling a meeting with the prospect to clarify pricing.”

• Task

“Ask the Head of Sales whether we can provide the prospect a major discount.”

How Do I Create and Manage Text Snippets?

Opening the snippets screen

You create and manage snippets from the snippets screen. There are two ways to get there:

• Click the “Product Settings” icon on the left side navigation pane from anywhere in the product, and then select the “Snippets” option.

• When you are entering text into certain text fields, you can click the “Add snippet” option to open the snippet selection window. Then click the small pencil icon next to the snippets search field to go to the snippets screen.

Creating a snippet

On the snippets screen, click the “Create” button to open the snippet creation frame. Give your snippet a descriptive name and specify the text and formatting you want. Click “Submit” to save your text snippet. Then it will become available to insert into all the places detailed above!

Note that the number of snippets you can create is subject to your pricing plan (see the pricing page for details).

Updating or deleting an existing snippet

To find the snippet you want to modify or delete, you can use the search field above the table on the snippet screen or sort the table by any of its columns. To modify a snippet, click it in the table. Make your edits and save your changes. To delete a snippet, click the X button in the right column of the snippet table and confirm the deletion:

How Do I Use a Text Snippet?

You can insert a text snippet into an email, email template, or activity record. It takes just two steps:

  1. Click the option at the bottom of your text field. This will open a snippet selection frame:

  1. Find the snippet you want to insert by either scrolling through the list or using the Search field to find it by name. Then click the snippet and the formatted text will be inserted into your text field where your cursor is currently placed.


Text snippets make the Inperium Sell CRM an even more valuable tool for your business. Start by creating text snippets for the phrases you find yourself using over and over, and soon you’ll have a very useful library that saves you lots of time every day. Plus, because you can take your time to create and proofread the perfect phrases for different situations, you’ll always sound poised and professional.

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