3 Best Real Estate Cold Call Scripts

In this blog post, you'll discover three effective guides to cold-calling your way to successful real estate sales.

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3 Best Real Estate Cold Call Scripts

Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, it’s not — as much as cold calls may be maligned by plenty of sales coaches, the truth is, they can be your ticket to success. The qualifier here is this: To be effective, cold calls need to contain compelling content from you. In general, creating that content can be done most effectively by writing and following a call script.

Land Your Next Sale with These Essential Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate

Rather than literal scripts to read out line-by-line, real estate cold calling scripts are more of a structured guide to follow when on a sales call. They give you a concrete outline to follow while talking to your prospect, so you can more reliably keep the conversation focused on the outcome you hope to achieve. Although a call script will of course involve specific lines that you should end up speaking, it’s important to remember that the conversation is unlikely to follow the exact path you laid out, so you need to be able to adapt while keeping things on track in accordance with the script you wrote.

So, what do you need to create a successful sales call script? It comes down to including the following five elements:

These components, coupled with a compelling outline, will ensure that any cold calling scripts you use will consistently put you on great terms with your real estate prospects.

With all that in mind, let’s now move onto three of the most effective real estate cold calling script samples available.

1. Gauging a Prospect’s Interest

Much as we’d love every cold call to lead straight to a sale, most of the time, getting someone to actually sign off on a property takes a little more work. If you’re calling a prospect without any prior contact and don’t expect them to buy or sell right away, the following makes for a compelling script in order to measure how interested they are in your services.

Hello, this is [your name] with X Real Estate Group. How are you?

I’m calling today because there are a number of buyers actively looking for the homes in your area, meaning now is a very lucrative time to sell. Would you be interested in considering an offer if one was made?

After this initial pitch, listen to your prospect’s response and guide them to talk more and more about what they’d most like in terms of their future home ownership. If they readily express an interest in selling or buying, then great! You can set up an appointment right away. If they show little interest, make sure to give them your contact info anyway, as their situation could easily change. Regardless of how they respond, however, make sure you apply all of the five aforementioned elements of an effective sales call so that you maintain a good relationship with your prospect.

2. Selling to an Established Connection

Someone you already know on a personal level — whether you’ve met them through a dinner party or networking — makes for a great lead in real estate sales, as you’ve already achieved a level of trust with them. As such, the script for calling them can start on familiar terms, and the call can more easily transition to discussing sales.

Here’s an example of how:

Hi [prospect name], it’s [your name]. We met at the city networking event, remember? Have you been keeping well?

I was calling because, as you may know, I’m a real estate agent affiliated with X Real Estate Group, and I’m reaching out to friends to see if they’re at all interested in buying or selling. Have you been thinking about moving?

Something important to note about this script is that it does not open with the seller identifying themselves as a real estate agent; the reason behind this is that if you launch right into the business reasons for your call, your prospect will stop seeing the conversation as a friendly one. So before actually moving into your pitch, make sure to establish a friendly rapport with your prospect. It may take a little longer, but it will ensure they’re far more receptive to your offer.

3. Utilizing a Previous Sale

If you’ve recently sold a property, it can make for an excellent jumping-off point to land additional sales as well. After all, making a sale in a neighborhood works as a reliable “in” with nearby prospects: It proves to them that you’re not just an effective real estate agent in general, but that you know how to close deals in their specific area.

To make the most of that situation, utilize a sales call script such as the following:

Hello, this is [your name] with X Real Estate Group. How are you?

I wanted to get in touch with you because, as you may know, I just sold a property not far from you, and I wanted to check if there were more homeowners in the area interested in selling. The fact is, this area is becoming a very competitive market in real estate, and this is a great chance to sell at a high price. So, would you be in the market to sell?

The key motivator here is that your prospect is likely comparing their potential fortunes to those of their neighbors, so if your lead shows interest, feel free to drop details about the sale you just completed. Even if you don’t get interest in a sale from this call right away, you’ll have positioned yourself as a capable seller in the area and planted a seed that just might grow. Be sure to give the prospect your contact info and encourage them to share it with nearby friends; there’s nothing like word of mouth to build your credibility in the market.


Regardless of which scenario you’re facing or what script you use to handle it, cold calling takes both market expertise and strong interpersonal skills. It’s simply not enough to just dial a number in a high-value area and hope for the best; you need to have a good understanding of what those prospects will want from you as a real estate agent and, perhaps more importantly, how you should respond to their needs.

While you can’t make every single cold call a surefire success, you can dramatically improve your success rate by ensuring you’re well prepared for every call. Remember, any prospect on your list may very well be that next big sale you land — what will make all the difference is whether you approach them with friendliness, empathy, and a solid plan.

With these real estate cold calling scripts, however, we’re confident you’ll be able to make use of all those qualities and more, then call your way to your most successful selling streak yet.

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