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Voicemail Greeting Generator. A Free Tool for Creating Professional Voicemails.

Professional voicemail greetings are known to boost credibility by making the company seem more professional and competent. In this blog post, we are going to walk you through Inperium's free tool – a voicemail greeting generator, looking at the benefits before helping you set yours up.

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Tatiana Ogurtsovskaia

Tatiana Ogurtsovskaia

Sep 21, 2021

Voicemail Greeting Generator. A Free Tool for Creating Professional Voicemails.

Modern cloud VoIP Phone Systems come with a wide range of features designed to improve productivity and make business operations run smoothly. One of these features is voicemail. It does more than simply enable businesses to have a pre-recorded message to greet callers when a call cannot be answered, it offers the functionality to provide welcome greetings, busy agent greetings, closed businesses, specialized holiday greetings, and even personalized greetings for special customers. Along with providing the option to personalize voicemails, a voicemail greeting generator enables the calls to remain consistent across the board, meaning that it is always the same professional voice that greets the customer.

The voice on the other end of the phone is often the first interaction a customer has with the brand; therefore, it is important that that voice represents your brand. That is why Inperium provides a voicemail greeting generator that offers greetings in five different languages. Choose from English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish, each language coming with the choice of the male or female voice. If you are using an IVR system to help connect your customers to the correct department, rather than use generic audio with the voicemail greeting generator, you have the option to create your own. One of the customers’ pet peeves is being on hold or struggling to navigate the IVR system, personalized greetings allow you to create instructions that speak directly to your customer, improving the customer experience and, in turn, customer satisfaction.

What Makes a Good Voicemail Greeting

The more personal the voicemail recording is, the more memorable and impactful they are. It’s the added detail that truly makes a difference. A good voicemail greeting should be short but personal, it should advise them when you will get back to them and give them a clear and friendly call-to-action. Along with being straightforward and easy to understand, you want your voicemail greeting to demonstrate personality, however, be relevant to your industry in terms of professionalism.

What You Should Say in a Voicemail Greeting

While it is best to personalize a voicemail message rather than follow a voicemail script, there is a general format that you should follow to make sure you provide the caller with the correct information. Below are some dot points you should look to include:

  • A greeting, such as ‘Hello’
  • Your name
  • The name of your company
  • Explain why you are missing the call, e.g., you’re away from the phone, or it’s the weekend
  • A rough estimate of when you’ll get back to the person
  • An alternative person to reach out to, if possible
  • Offer an alternative method of communication if you wish to provide your mobile or email
  • A call-to-action such as “Leave a message after the tone” or “Please send an email to info@…”

How to Create a Voicemail Greeting Using Inperium’s Voicemail Greeting Generator

It’s that easy.


With the phone one of the most communication channels for any modern business, having a clear and concise voicemail is vital for companies wanting to appear professional. Inperium’s Voicemail Greeting Generator not only makes sure that no call goes unattended, but it ensures that all customers always receive a professional reception. Along with providing an easy-to-use tool for businesses to record voicemail greetings, the voicemail generator also gives organizations the freedom to personalize and continually update their greetings without compromising on quality and consistency.

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