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Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

What's Inside

What Is Inperium?

Inperium is a leading technology vendor that provides a unified platform of sales force automation (SFA) and unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) business applications. Our SaaS products empower organizations of all sizes to orchestrate their sales processes, reach clients faster, and enable their mobile workforce to function efficiently as a unified team — all while reducing cost, business complexity, and simplifying customer journeys.
Built from the ground up based on cutting-edge technologies, Inperium solutions are easy to use and integrate readily with each other and with tools from other vendors, ensuring quick time to value and high return on investment. Our sales CRM, business phone system, and other products offer a wide range of features for to enable truly seamless collaboration, facilitate efficient remote work, and automate cumbersome and error-prone tasks.
Our international, all-remote team of professionals is committed to continuous improvement and continuous innovation. We constantly expand our technological expertise, hire and invest in top-notch professionals, and use the most up-to-date technology stack.
Inperium was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida. Learn more at

Vision and Mission


All too often, organizations face an unpleasant choice when it comes to business software: Accept insufficient and inconvenient functionality from affordable products, spend a fortune on advanced (but not always easy-to-use) features, or expend their precious resources trying to create and maintain their own software.
Inperium envisions another option: business solutions that are effective and versatile, enjoyable to work with, and cost-effective. Business productivity tools should also easily integrate and interact with software from other vendors, and this interaction should be as simple as plugging into a power outlet. Products need to be smart and scalable, secure and powerful.
That's what we strive for every day: to enable businesses to forget about compromises and instead get the best software solutions at the right price.


Inperium’s mission is to help small and medium-sized organizations achieve greater business results and more rapid growth without incurring high expenses or wasting their valuable time. We aim to enable organizations meet a wide range of needs without multiplying application silos across their IT landscapes by providing cutting-edge products that integrate readily with each other and other software solutions. We strive to help companies without enterprise budgets get everything they need, whether it’s a package of business applications or selected solutions, without sacrificing quality or having to rework their current processes.

Voice and Tone

Inperium speaks to the world openly, with respect and appreciation, in keeping with our values, vision, and mission.

Open and friendly

We are always friendly, professional, and thoughtful when we communicate with each other and the outer world. Inperium fosters an authentic culture in which we never hide anything and always talk to our audience openly throughout our brand and product positioning.

Knowledgeable and passionate

We are a data-driven company with the expertise and commitment to innovate and improve. We gladly share our passion and expertise on best practices, emerging trends, business challenges, and more, with both our customers and the technological community.

Clear and straightforward

We deliver our messages in clear and concise language designed for our audience. We use meaningful words to convey information in the most clear and convincing way, and never just blow hot air. By being honest and straightforward, we build trust and confidence in our company and products.

Messaging Do's and Don'ts

Do these great things

  • Do refer to Inperium and its products as described on this page.

  • Do advertise that your product has built-in integration with an Inperium product.

  • Do mention that Inperium products are AI-driven (have artificial intelligence and machine learning-based functions).

  • Do position our brand as a market leader.

  • Do contact us for advice if you don’t know how to position our brand, our product, or one of its features.

  • Do mention our brand name or product names as part of the name of your event, social media post, video, or webpage.

Don’t make these sad mistakes

  • Don’t diminish the excellence and benefits of any of our applications that can all work independently when you refer to Inperium as a unified ecosystem of integrated applications.

  • Don’t use superlatives like “the only,” “the first,” or “the most,” since such claims are very difficult to prove and therefore lack credibility.

  • Don’t use ALL CAPS when you write about us because it feels like shouting.

  • Don’t break the words in our product names (such as Inperium Talk or Inperium Sell) across different lines. Make sure that the entire product name stands on the same line.

  • Don’t use our brand name or the names of our products in the name of your own business, offerings, or products.


The Inperium typography matches our tone and communicates our messages explicitly and intelligently. Our primary typeface is Inter. The table below shows how the different Inter fonts appear on different devices.

StyleFontLetter Spacing1440pxDesktopLine Height992pxTabletLine Height568pxMobileLine Height
H0Inter Semi Bold-789678963648
H1Inter Semi Bold-405427362736
H2Inter Semi Bold-344522302230
H3Inter Semi Bold-243618241824
H4Inter Semi Bold-183016211621
H5Inter Semi Bold-162116211621
H6Inter Semi Bold-142414241424
P1Inter Regular-183014241424
P2Inter Regular-142414241424
P3Inter Regular-121812181218
P4Inter Regular-101410141014
Caps XLInter Medium5%253021212121
Caps LInter Semi Bold10%202420242024
Caps MInter Semi Bold10%123012301230
Caps SInter Semi Bold10%912912912
Caps XSInter Semi Bold10%888888


Four colors are the foundation of our color palette; these bright components grab attention and enhance and define our brand. The Inperium dark blue hue is used for all of our text, while Inperium light grey and white are used for our backgrounds.

Infinite Innovations
Aim for the Sky
Growth Aspiring
Breathing Energy

Visuals Do's and Don'ts

Do these great things

  • Do always check that the Inperium logo and artwork you use is the up-to-date version.

  • Do contact us if you want to use artwork not included in this repository.

  • Do contact us if you want to use our images in a video or mainstream media.

Don’t make these sad mistakes

  • Don’t use the Inperium logos in a way that suggests or implies sponsorship or endorsement by Inperium, or any affiliation with Inperium.

More Info

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