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Inperium Talk provides an effective automated call routing system with interactive voice response technology.


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Never miss an important customer call or sales opportunity

An automated call routing system is essential to handling incoming calls 24/7, accurately distributing calls to internal departments, employees, and voicemail, and making sure callers are never left waiting too long. The Inperium Talk auto-receptionist is your automated answering service that does exactly what a live operator would do — answer and route inbound calls to the right destinations. Now you can be sure that not a single call will be left without proper attention.


Flexible phone call routing options

Easily set up your virtual receptionist service the way you choose. You can automatically route callers to the correct department, individual, voicemail box, call queue, or interactive voice response system (IVR menu).


Custom business hours

Ensure every call is handled properly whether it’s during your normal office hours or not by having each auto-receptionist route calls differently depending on the time of day and the day of week.


Personalized audio greetings

Customize how your auto-receptionists greet your callers. You can upload an audio file you’ve already created, record a greeting on the fly with your microphone, or use our AI-enabled text-to-speech technology to translate your written text into voice messages that sound human.

And even more about auto-receptionist

Call routing by extension

Call routing by extension

Let callers reach your team members, auto-receptionists, and call queues by dialing number extensions.

Voicemail inbox for operators

Voicemail inbox for operators

You can assign operators to any auto-receptionist to provide them access to its voicemail and call history.


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FAQ about auto-receptionists

How can auto-receptionists help my business?

Auto-receptionists save you time and money while making your business look more professional. First, they eliminate the need to hire live receptionists, even if you have a high inbound call volume or want to be able to answer calls day and night. Second, auto-receptionists do not require training like human operators do; you simply configure them and you’re done. If your needs change, you can reconfigure them in minutes. Third, auto-receptionists reduce the time you spend interacting with annoying robocalls. Finally, the combination of custom audio greetings, reduced wait times, and 24/7 availability makes your business look more professional in the eyes of your customers.

How do I set up an auto-receptionist?

Inperium Talk makes it easy to configure your virtual auto-attendant service. Many businesses need just a single auto-receptionist, which can be set up in minutes. A more complex configuration involving multiple auto-receptionists is usually needed only when you want to build an advanced IVR menu with multiple levels of response options. Even in those situations, the process is quick and straightforward, with no coding required.

What is the difference between auto-attendant and IVR?

Interactive voice response technology (IVR) is a system that allows callers to use voice commands or their telephone keypad to get connected to the right employee or department. An auto-receptionist is a phone system function that greets callers and routes them to the right destination, such as a particular phone number, voicemail box, IVR menu, or different auto-receptionist.

Which specific call routing options do auto-receptionists provide?

You can set up an Inperium Talk auto-receptionist to route calls to a user, a user’s voicemail, an IVR menu, another auto-receptionist, the voicemail of any auto-receptionist, or a call queue.

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