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Automated Call Back

Automated Call Back

Inperium Talk cloud phone system allows your callers to request a call back instead of waiting in a call queue.


Inperium Talk

Automated Call Back

Don't keep your customers waiting on hold!

No one likes waiting on hold. In fact, long hold times can lead to callers giving up — and your business losing sales. With Inperium Talk, you can enable your callers to opt out of waiting in a call queue and instead request a return call when it’s their turn simply by pressing a single button. As a result, you’re far less likely to lose customers when call volume is high, and agents will be met with less frustration when they pick up calls.


Minimize call abandonment

Forcing callers to wait on hold is a sure-fire way to lose customers — they are liable to hang up in frustration and go to your competitors. With Inperium Talk, you can slash call abandonment rates by enabling callers to request a return call when it’s their turn instead of continuing to wait in the call queue.


Increase agent productivity

Long hold times mean that agents often spend the first minutes of a call calming down a frustrated caller. Inperium Talk’s call back function enables them to promptly address the real reason for a call, instead of apologizing. Plus, agents can initiate the return call in a single click, with no need for manual dialing.


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FAQ about automated call back

FAQ about automated call back

Imperium Talk enables you to offer callers in a call queue the option to request a call back from an agent when it’s their turn, instead of continuing to wait on hold.

How can the call back option help my business?

Inperium Talk’s call back option helps you provide better customer service, reduce call abandonment rates, and increase agent productivity.

How does it work?

Incoming calls are placed in a queue until an agent is available to respond. If you activate the call back feature, each caller has the option of requesting a call back instead of having to wait on hold.

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