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Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Inperium Talk's cloud phone system allows you easily forward calls to any number you like


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Call Forwarding

Never miss opportunities with business call forwarding

In today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford to frustrate your customers and business partners — when they call, you need to make sure they reach someone who can help as quickly as possible. With Inperium Talk, employees can easily set up call forwarding to ensure that all incoming calls are automatically sent to another number. You can also seamlessly forward after-hours and unanswered calls to a dedicated voicemail with a custom message to ensure customers feel valued and respected.


Make your business seem local to engender trust

Provide customers in regions where you do business with a local phone number and use 24/7 call forwarding to seamlessly route the calls to your main office. This simple but effective strategy will help you seem local for all your customers, giving your business more trust and credibility.


Forward incoming calls when you’re away

When you’re in a meeting, on vacation, or on a business trip with no access to your phone, don’t leave your callers frustrated by having to leave voicemail and wait for a call back. Instead, make sure they get help they need without delay by automatically forwarding phone calls to another number.

And even more about how to call forward

After-hours call forwarding

After-hours call forwarding

With Inperium Talk, there’s no need to manually turn on call forwarding when you leave work each day. Instead, you can set up your normal hours and have all your after-hours calls sent to a rotating support team, on-duty receptionist, or other phone number.

Forward calls to any phone number

Forward calls to any phone number

Inperium Talk gives you the flexibility to forward a call to another number — internal or external, local or foreign. Choose any office, home, or mobile number, or even a call queue number, to ensure your calls always get answered.

Save time with default forwarding settings

Save time with default forwarding settings

Get productive quickly by applying your company’s default call forwarding settings to your phone numbers. Set up custom forwarding rules for any number at any time to meet your specific needs.


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FAQ about call forwarding

What is business call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a phone system feature that automatically sends inbound calls to another number. It helps ensure that your customers and business partners get prompt attention, even if the person they called is on vacation or in an area with poor cellular coverage, or the call occurs outside of working hours.

Where can calls be forwarded?

With Inperium Talk, you have maximum flexibility. You can forward calls to any mobile or landline phone number, or to an IVR menu or voicemail-enabled phone number (such as an Inperium Talk Auto-receptionist).

Can employees forward calls outside the organization?

Yes! In fact, Inperium Talk even supports international numbers, so you can be sure it will continue to serve you well as your business expands and your needs evolve.

How to set up call forwarding?

You can turn on call forwarding service in either the mobile app or the web app. It is really easy: Simply toggle the forwarding option to the on position and provide the number you want to forward calls to. You can choose 24/7 forwarding or specify the specific times you want this feature to be active.

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