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Call History

Every business call has the potential to make a big difference, so it’s essential to be able to store them effectively — and be able to revisit any past call quickly. Inperium Talk retains a complete call history complete with intuitive search and filtering, ensuring that you can easily resume a conversation, refresh your memory of key details, or pick up where a colleague left off.

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Revisit earlier calls in a few clicks

Revisit earlier calls in a few clicks

Ever tried to find one specific call from your extensive call history when you remember only the approximate date of the call or a few details of the conversation? With Inperium Talk, you’ll never face this frustration again! Your entire call history is always at your fingertips, and convenient filtering and search options help you find exactly the call you need in a few clicks.

Don’t drop the ball when an employee leaves

Don’t drop the ball when an employee leaves

Employees come and go, but your communications with customers, partners and other business associates must continue. With Inperium Talk, you can grant a designated employee access rights to the call history of a colleague who leaves your organization, so they can quickly come to up speed on past interactions and seamlessly continue the conversation.

Increase employee efficiency and satisfaction

Increase employee efficiency and satisfaction

Unlike traditional providers, Inperium Talk provides a call history that is clear, complete and easy to work with. Every employee has all the critical details — including contact names, phone numbers, call durations and audio recordings — right at hand, with no need to toggle between multiple tabs. Plus, they can dial any number in the call history in just one click.

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FAQ about Call History

Why do I need call history?

Call history helps you seamlessly continue conversations with clients, partners, and other business associates, even after a long break. It also enables you to quickly confirm details of past calls and review the history of interactions —when each call happened, who called whom, how long the call lasted, and so on.

How can I find a specific call in the call history?

Inperium Talk makes it easy to find the particular call you need by providing both filtering and search. Filters enable you to limit your view to, for example, inbound calls or missed calls only. The search field enables you to instantly hone in on calls that match a specific word or other string you enter.

Can I quickly make a call from the call history?

Yes! With Inperium Talk, you can call any phone number in the call history in one click. Employees will be more efficient and productive, and they’ll never have to worry about dialing the wrong number by mistake.

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