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Сall Queues Feature

Сall Queues Feature

Cloud phone system Inperium Talk allows you to minimize wait time and make it easy to manage incoming calls with call queues feature


Inperium Talk

Сall Queues Feature

Handle multiple calls professionally and never miss a single call

Inperium Talk makes it easy to manage incoming calls effectively and automatically route them to the right destination. The call queue feature minimizes wait time to improve customer satisfaction, while distributing the workload fairly to reduce stress on your agents.


Handle more calls and minimize abandoned calls

Don’t give callers any reason to hang up and take their business elsewhere! With Inperium Talk, you can automatically route calls to different agents to cover more calls, provide callers with useful information while they’re on hold, and even offer the option to request a call back instead of waiting.


Customize the call queues to meet your business needs

Easily create audio messages tailored to your business; set your time zone and operating hours; control the maximum wait time and the maximum number of calls in the queue; choose your routing options and hold music; and so much more!

And even more about call queues

Select your hold music

Select your hold music

Choose the music callers will hear while they’re on hold for an agent.

Create custom greetings

Create custom greetings

Record greetings using your mic, upload MP3s, or use our AI-based text-to-speech technology.

Manage multiple calls in parallel

Manage multiple calls in parallel

Put an active conversation on hold with one tap and easily start or accept another call.

Supplement agents with voicemail

Supplement agents with voicemail

Redirect calls to a voicemail box if no agent is available or the queue is too long.


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FAQ about call queues

What is a call queue?

A call queue is a method for organizing incoming calls that your operators can’t immediately pick up. In other words, a call queue is a virtual waiting line.

How does a call queue work?

Instead of getting a busy signal, callers are placed on hold, where they might hear music or pre-recorded messages about their estimated wait time and their other options.

How can a call queue benefit my business?

A phone queue helps ensure callers never get a busy signal or endless ringing without any answer. As a result, call queues can improve customer satisfaction and enhance brand loyalty, reduce abandoned calls, distribute the call workload fairly, and reduce staffing costs.

What are routing options?

Inperium Talk empowers you to choose how to distribute calls among your operators. For example, you can rotate through your agents in order or direct the next incoming call to the specialist who has been idle for the longest time.

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