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Conference Calls

Texting is great for quick questions and reminders, and email is perfect for providing details and long explanations. But many times, the best way to get business done is to simply have an actual conversation. Inperium Talk makes it easy to have a call with as many colleagues, partners, clients, and suppliers as you like, no matter where they’re located — and even if their phones are not connected to Inperium Talk.

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Make conference calling simple and straightforward

Make conference calling simple and straightforward

You shouldn’t need to be a rocket scientist just to place a conference call. With Inperium Talk, you can easily host a call with as many colleagues, clients, partners, and other individuals as you like — without any access codes, invitation emails, auditory problems, or technical glitches. You can even dynamically add people to a call in progress, ensuring seamless flexibility.

Eliminate the limitations — communicate with anyone

Eliminate the limitations — communicate with anyone

Hold conference calls with anyone, inside or outside your organization. There’s no limit on the number of people who can participate in a conference call, and they can be located anywhere in the world. They do not need to be connected to Inperium Talk, nor do they need to download or install anything — all that’s required to join a call is a mobile or landline phone number.

Ensure productive calls with easy management

Ensure productive calls with easy management

The more people who are involved in a conversation, the more easily it can devolve into chaos. Inperium Talk enables you to keep your conference calls on track and productive with a wide variety of easy-to-use management functions. You can mute participants, put people on hold, add more individuals to the call, and record the entire conversation at the touch of a button.

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FAQ about Conference Calls

What are conference calls?

Conference calling is a phone system feature that enables three or more people to participate. Calls can include colleagues within your organization as well as individuals from outside the company, such as clients or partners.

What’s involved in organizing a conference call?

If you’re planning a conference call in advance, you’ll want to inform all participants about the scheduled date and time, estimated duration, and purpose of the call. Inperium Talk also gives you the flexibility to add participants on the fly — just dial the person’s number and if they’re available, they can immediately join the active call.

How can I keep my conference calls under control?

Inperium Talk provides all the functionality you need to keep your conference calls on track and productive. You can mute individuals or put them on hold, as well as add participants at any time. You can also record any call at the touch of the button; at the end, you’ll have an audio file you can review, share, or save for legal or other purposes.

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