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Conference Calls

Conference Calls

Increase collaboration by easily holding calls with as many people as you like from all around the world.


Inperium Talk

Conference Calls

Start a conference call in just one click whenever you want

Increase your productivity with Inperium Talk by holding instant conference calls with anyone, no matter where you are and without any access codes or invitation emails. All you need to join a conference call in one click is your phone and internet connection.


Eliminate the limitations and communicate with anyone

With Inperium Talk, you can hold a conference call with anyone inside or outside your organization, no matter where anyone is located. There is no limit on the number of people on a call and they do not need to download anything to participate!


Keep your conference calls on track and increase productivity

Manage your conference calls easily with a wide variety of easy-to-use options. At the touch of a button, you can mute participants, put people on hold, add more colleagues to the call, or record the entire conversation!

And even more about conference calls

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Add participants on the fly so that they can join the call immediately.

Enhanced mobility

Enhanced mobility

Enable people to connect to a call from anywhere using their own phones.

Call recording

Call recording

Save time by capturing important details of your conference call.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Set up a conference call in just a few seconds.


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FAQ about conference calls

What are conference calls?

Conference calling is a phone system feature that enables three or more people to participate. Calls can include colleagues within your organization as well as individuals from outside the company, such as clients or partners.

How long does it take to set up a conference call?

With Inperium Talk, you can schedule a conference call in seconds.

What’s involved in organizing a conference call?

If you’re planning a conference call in advance, you’ll want to inform all participants about the scheduled date and time, estimated duration, and purpose of the call. Inperium Talk also gives you the flexibility to add participants on the fly — just dial the person’s number and if they’re available, they can immediately join the active call.

How can I keep my conference calls under control?

Inperium Talk provides all the functionality you need to keep your conference calls on track and productive. You can mute individuals or put them on hold, as well as add participants at any time. You can also record any call at the touch of the button; at the end, you’ll have an audio file you can review, share, or save for legal or other purposes.

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