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Automated CRM Synchronization

Automated CRM Synchronization

Integrate Inperium Talk cloud phone system with your CRM solution and automatically sync call and contact data.


Inperium Talk

Automated CRM Synchronization

Seamlessly share call records and contacts between your core business systems

Automatically sync your call and contact data between Inperium Talk and your customer relationship management (CRM) solution, such as Inperium Sell. Inperium Talk can automatically log all calls into the activity timeline of the respective contacts in your CRM — and make contact information from your CRM available in Inperium Talk. Reduce data inconsistency and simplify work with complete records in both of your key business systems!


Supercharge your sales teams with a complete activity history

Call syncing ensures that your CRM has a comprehensive history of communications with each customer, so sales teams know exactly what interactions should come next to keep clients happy and land deals.


Handle calls better with contextual information

Impress callers by having all their contact information from your CRM right in front of your eyes. Empower your teams with the context they need to handle even the most difficult questions smoothly.

And even more about automated CRM synchronization

Contact syncing

Contact syncing

Save time and ensure that your records are always consistent and up to date.

Direct calling from your CRM

Direct calling from your CRM

Enable your sales teams to place calls directly from your CRM using Inperium Talk’s calling capabilities.


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FAQ about CRM synchronization

What is CRM synchronization?

Inperium Talk offers automatic two-way syncing of calls and contact records. Every call in Inperium Talk is recorded in the corresponding contact timeline in your CRM, and information about the relevant contact from your CRM is available during calls in Inperium Talk.

How does CRM synchronization work?

With Inperium Talk, CRM synchronization is two way:

  • Each call that happens in Inperium Talk will automatically be recorded in the activity timely of the corresponding contact in your CRM.

  • When an Inperium Talk user receives a new call, the history of communications with the corresponding CRM contact is automatically displayed.

How can CRM synchronization help my business?

The benefits of CRM synchronization are almost too numerous to list! They include the following:

  • Inperium Talk users can impress customers and address their concerns more efficiently because they have valuable context about each caller at their fingertips.

  • Your sales teams can be more effective because they have a complete activity timeline for each contact right in their CRM — without anyone having to log calls manually.

  • CRM users can call phone numbers directly from your CRM, using Inperium Talk’s calling capabilities.

  • Everyone has accurate, up-to-date contact information, without worrying about data inconsistency.

Together, these benefits save your organization a great deal of time, money, and hassle, while driving your business forward by empowering everyone with the current and consistent information they need to satisfy customers and advance the sales process.

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