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Custom Greetings

Custom Greetings

Make your business sound more professional with Inperium Talk cloud phone system.


Inperium Talk

Custom Greetings

Give callers a great first impression of your company

Easily create compelling and effective voice messages to greet and direct callers during both business and non-working hours, so every caller receives a professional reception.


Enhance your company image with a consistent, professional voice

Build your brand by ensuring callers are always greeted with the same professional voice. Choose from wide selection of built-in voices and languages, or record your own greeting. Inperium Talk also enables you to create individual greetings for particular customers — increasing loyalty instantly.


Save time and money with automated voice greetings

Eliminate the cost and hassle of hiring voice actors and retaining staff to handle incoming calls. With Inperium Talk, you can easily create helpful voice messages for various situations when a call cannot be answered, such as when all agents are busy, it’s outside your normal business hours, or you’re away on holiday.

And even more about custom greetings

Sound human with AI voice technology

Sound human with AI voice technology

Save time by simply typing the message you want — Inperium Talk’s AI-powered technology will voice it and create a natural-sounding recording.

Create voice greetings for your IVRs

Create voice greetings for your IVRs

Maximize the effectiveness and value of your IVR menus by recording the exact instructions customers should follow in custom greetings.


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FAQ about custom greetings

What are custom greetings?

A custom phone greeting is a recorded message that plays automatically during an incoming call, such as an initial greeting or an IVR menu option.

How can I create custom greeting?

Inperium Talk gives you multiple options: You can record a custom greeting using your mic, upload an MP3, or simply type your text and have it voiced by our AI-based text-to-speech technology.

How can custom greetings benefit my business?

Custom greetings enhance your business image and give your callers a faster and better experience. Moreover, they can save you significant time and money.

Is there a tool that can help me to record a professional voicemail greeting?

Yes, our free Voicemail Greeting Generator makes it easy to create professional audio prompts and voicemail greetings for your virtual phone system.

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