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Easy Access to Voicemail

Easy Access to Voicemail

Simply read voicemail transcriptions or listen to the original audio recordings in Inperium Talk cloud phone system.


Inperium Talk

Easy Access to Voicemail

Visual voicemail that you can access anywhere, anytime

You can’t always pick up the phone, but missing a call shouldn’t have to mean losing a business opportunity. Stop struggling with outdated and clunky voicemail systems; Inperium Talk takes voicemail to a whole new level. You can easily navigate through all your messages and choose whether to listen to the recording or read an accurate voicemail transcription created by AI-based speech recognition technology.


See all your voicemails in one list and click to listen

Know exactly what calls you’ve missed and whether each caller left a message. Inperium Talk clearly lists all your voicemails, along with details like the time and the name or number of the caller. Simply click to listen to any message. Even better, you don’t have to play the recording in its entirety from beginning to end; you can quickly jump to any point you like.


Triage calls quickly with accurate transcripts

Not enough hours in your day to listen to all the voicemail messages you get? Wish you could use your eyes instead of your ears? With Inperium Talk, you can. Its powerful AI-based speech recognition technology automatically translates each voicemail to text, so you can scan through your messages, understand the key points in each one, and spot the most urgent calls in seconds.


Have your voicemail sent to your email

Inperium Talk can automatically email new voicemail messages you receive to your connected email account. You will receive both the audio file and the voicemail transcription for easy review, and you can forward the messages to anyone you like, making sharing quick and simple.

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Transform voicemail from a pain into a powerful tool

Transform voicemail from a pain into a powerful tool

Inperium Talk transforms voicemail from a frustrating time sink into an effective tool for customer engagement and strong business relationships. Simply click to listen to a message, skip to a specific section of the recording, or return the call. Share the MP3 file of any call with colleagues, and delete messages that are no longer of value.


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FAQ about voicemail messages and text previews

How does Inperium Talk improve upon traditional voice mail service?

Most voicemail systems are fairly rudimentary — if you can’t pick up the phone, the caller is invited to leave a voice message. But navigating through those messages and listening to them one by one in their entirety is frustrating and inefficient. Inperium Talk makes it easy to review all your missed calls and listen to any voice message in a single click. Plus, you can easily jump to any part of the recording, or simply read an accurate transcript — a feature that many telephony service providers do not offer at all, let alone one powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

How do I transcribe voicemail to text?

Inperium Talk makes it easy to transcribe a voicemail — the system does it automatically, provided the transcription function is enabled in your settings. Note that this function works independently of the call recording function, so you can choose to switch call recording off and still have transcribed texts.

Can I share and delete my voice message?

Certainly! Inperium Talk enables you to download voicemail message so you can share it with any colleagues you choose. You can also delete voicemail messages that are no longer useful to you, so you have a clean voicemail history that enables maximum effectiveness.

Can I send voicemail to my email?

Yes! With Inperium Talk, you can send all new voicemail messages that callers leave you directly to your email address. What’s more, each email will contain both the transcribed text of the message and the original audio file.

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