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Full Service Web UI

Inperium Talk is a comprehensive phone system designed and built for the cloud. The intuitive web UI gives you access not just to its modern contact management and calling capabilities, but also to advanced productivity and analysis features and customization options for both individuals and the entire organization.

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Access all operational functions from one place

Access all operational functions from one place

A powerful cloud phone system doesn’t have to be a struggle to operate. The Inperium Talk web UI puts all product functionality at your fingertips. In addition to making calls and managing contacts, you can easily access advanced features like analytics and reporting, create multi-level IVR menus, and much more. The Inperium Talk mobile apps round out the solution, enabling you to stay connected on the go.

Maximize productivity with individual profile settings

Maximize productivity with individual profile settings

Individuals have different needs, preferences, and work styles. To boost productivity and satisfaction, Inperium Talk enables each user to customize the settings in both the web UI and the mobile app. They can specify their basic personal data and phone numbers, manage their contacts and voicemail settings, record their own voicemail greetings, and select the interface language.

Streamline system administration

Streamline system administration

Administrators need more powerful functionality — but not more complexity to eat up their valuable time. Inperium Talk makes it quick and easy for administrators to safely add and delete users and phone numbers, manage system security settings, assign roles for role-based access control (RBAC), port numbers, manage integrations, and more.

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FAQ about Full Service Web UI

Why should I use the Inperium Talk web UI?

The Inperium Talk web portal makes it simple for each user to access the product functionality they need. Users can make and receive calls just as easily as they can in the mobile apps. Managers can conveniently review dashboard data and analyze reports from a larger screen than their phone offers. And administrators can add and delete users, control security and integration settings, and more.

Who can configure system settings?

All users, but to varying degrees. Users can normally configure settings on their own account that do not affect other users. Managers may have access to some more advanced customization features. System administrators have broad control; they can restrict user access to phone system functions and customize the system for everyone in the organization.

Can administrators change a user’s settings?

No. Although administrators have the most powerful rights to work in Inperium Talk, they cannot modify a user’s individual settings.

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