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iOS and Android Apps

Business doesn’t happen only in the office — or even only in the home office. Today, your teams need a reliable and convenient way to conduct business calls on the go. With robust mobile applications for Android and iOS mobile devices, Inperium Talk enables your employees to be productive no matter where they are.

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Enjoy your favorite phone features on the go

Enjoy your favorite phone features on the go

Inperium Talk’s mobile apps for iOS and Android provide you with all the phone functions you’ve come to know and love, right on your mobile device. In addition to making and receiving calls, you can mute people, put someone on hold, add participants, transfer calls, record calls, and access your voicemail. You can also view your complete call history and replay recorded conversations.

Access and revise contact details from anywhere

Access and revise contact details from anywhere

Your list of contacts — and all the important details you’ve recorded about each of them — is one of your most valuable business assets. With Inperium Talk, you don’t ever have to leave it behind. A two-way sync ensures that you have up-to-date contact data on your phone, and that any additions or edits you make will be available when you’re back in the office.

Seamlessly use contacts from your mobile device

Seamlessly use contacts from your mobile device

Do you have valuable contact information stored in the local address book on your iOS or Android phone? With the Inperium Talk mobile app, those contacts are available to you right along with all the contacts synched from the cloud-based platform. You can seamlessly take advantage of all the valuable features of the product, no matter which contacts you’re working with.

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FAQ about iOS and Android Apps

How do mobile apps add value to the Inperium Talk phone system?

Mobile apps extend the functionality of the Inperium Talk phone system from the web-based interface to your employees’ iOS and Android devices. As a result, they can make and receive calls and use all the other product functionality when they’re on the go.

What features do the Inperium Talk mobile apps have?

The mobile apps for iOS and Android have all the key features of the Inperium Talk platform. Naturally, you can make and receive calls, but you can also easily mute call participants, put people on hold, record calls, listen to your voicemail, and access all contact details. In fact, the mobile apps can work with your device’s contact book as well, seamlessly extending your list of contacts.

Is data in the mobile apps synched with the web-based system?

Yes. Whenever your mobile device is connected to the internet, there is a two-way sync between the mobile apps and the Inperium Talk platform. For example, the mobile app will display all the same contact information available in the web interface, and any contacts you create in the mobile app will be available when you’re back in the office.

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