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AI-Enabled Multi-Level IVRs and Tailored Greetings

Interactive voice response menus (IVRs) save you time and money by automating the handling of incoming calls. But updating your voice menu to meet your evolving business needs can be a nightmare, especially if the original voice actors aren’t readily available. Inperium Talk solves this problem by providing advanced text-to-speech technology that voices your new menu using remarkably natural intonation.

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Easily create voice menus that sound natural

Easily create voice menus that sound natural

Eliminate the hassle and expense of locating and engaging expensive voice actors and sound engineering services just to create a voice menu that directs callers to the right teams. With Inperium Talk, you simply type the text you want, and the AI-powered technology will voice and record it. The results sound so natural that callers will never suspect it wasn’t actually a person reading the words.

Quickly update any menu when your needs change

Quickly update any menu when your needs change

As your business needs evolve, avoid the costly ordeal of either locating the original voice actor or re-recording your entire menu. Inperium Talk gives you the agility to update a single option or even change the entire logic of a multi-level menu whenever you need to. The platform includes a wide selection of voices, both female and male, and supports 25+ languages, so it’s ready to empower your business growth.

Deliver high-quality, personalized service

Deliver high-quality, personalized service

Engage customers and build stronger relationships. Unlike a human receptionist, Inperium Talk never misses a call, fails to pick up the phone instantly, accidentally misdirects calls, or takes time off at night and on weekends. Moreover, it can even spot customers who call from a known phone number and greet them with a personalized message, demonstrating how much you value them and their business.

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FAQ about AI-Enabled Multi-Level IVRs and Tailored Greetings

What are AI-enabled multi-level IVRs? What benefits do they offer?

Interactive voice response menus (IVRs) are a standard way to automate the handling of incoming calls. Multi-level IVRs enable businesses to build more complex sets of options to ensure customers are directed to exactly the right team. Inperium Talk IVRs are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which enables you to quickly convert any written script into a voice recording that sounds just like natural human speech. As a result, you can quickly create IVRs — and modify them at any time — without the expense and hassle of hiring voice actors and purchasing special recording equipment or services.

What are tailored greetings and how will they help my business?

With Inperium Talk, you can tailor each of your voice menus to your needs. You can choose from wide selection of voices, including both female and male options, in 25+ languages, so no matter where your next business opportunity might appear, you’ll be ready. Plus, you can also create individual greetings for particular customers; when the platform picks up a call from a known number, it will use the personalized greeting, demonstrating warmth and reinforcing the relationship.

How hard is it to create voice menu structures?

It’s easy! Simply design your menu, with as many sublevels as you need, and write a script for each menu option. The process is very intuitive and requires no special skills at all. Once you’re happy with your menu, the AI-powered text-to-voice technology will create a natural-sounding voice recording. As your business needs evolve, just rearrange or rebuild your menu and scripts, and immediately get a new recording.

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