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Number Porting

Number Porting

Keep your current phone numbers with Inperium Talk number porting


Inperium Talk

Number Porting

Transfer your phone numbers to Inperium Talk —without any downtime

Don’t lose the phone numbers that are already familiar to your customers, and don’t pay for new business numbers if you don’t need them. Inperium Talk makes it easy and seamless to take your current phone numbers with you when you switch to our modern business phone system.


Make your phone system switch seamless for everyone by keeping your current numbers

You don’t have to worry about losing touch with your prospects, clients, vendors, and partners in order to gain the benefits of a modern, cloud-based business phone system. Inperium Talk enables you seamlessly transfer your current numbers, with no downtime.


Avoid the hassle and expense of setting new phone numbers

Porting your phone numbers to Inperium Talk eliminating a wide range of headaches and costs. In particular, you don’t have to pay for new numbers you don’t need and spend untold hours trying to inform everyone about your new numbers.

And even more about number porting

Simple process

Simple process

Transfer your number from your current provider to Inperium Talk with no hassle.

Smooth transition

Smooth transition

Port your number without any downtime — you won’t miss a single call.

Upgraded phone service

Upgraded phone service

Use the same phone numbers but enjoy all the power of a cloud-native business phone system.


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FAQ about phone number porting

What is phone number porting?

Phone number porting is a process that allows you to retain your current phone numbers when you switch from your current provider to Inperium Talk.

What are the benefits of number porting for my business?

Seamlessly keeping your current phone numbers is immensely valuable to your organization. First and foremost, you avoid the business risks associated with losing contact with prospects, clients, partners, and everyone else who is familiar with your current numbers. Second, you save the costs of printing new business cards for all your employees, updating your website and social networks, and so on. Finally, you don’t waste hours and hours of your valuable time trying to ensure that you’ve informed everyone that you have changed your number.

How long does it take to port a number?

Porting your numbers takes only 1–2 weeks from the time you submit your request.

Will my current phone service work during the number porting process?

Yes! Your phone numbers will continue to work through your current provider until the porting process is complete, ensuring no phone downtime for your business.

How much will it cost my business to port our phone numbers?

It’s totally free from the Inperium Talk side! But be sure to ask your current phone service provider about the terms of cancelling your agreement with them.

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