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Real-time Call Dashboard

Real-time Call Dashboard

Inperium Talk is a business cloud phone system that offers the business analytics and call report data — in real time.


Inperium Talk

Real-time Call Dashboard

Track your key metrics through a real-time call dashboard

To guide your business to success, you need detailed insight into where your teams are thriving and where they are struggling. With the call analytics dashboard in Inperium Talk, you can easily monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) and accurately evaluate your team’s performance on a regular basis — enabling more informed and timely business decisions.


Stay on top of all team and individual call activity from a single dashboard

Easily keep close tabs on how your business is doing with deep visibility into call activity. From the Inperium Talk phone dashboard, you can review all critical aspects of call activity at a glance, including the number of calls during different time periods, the most active callers on your team, and the leading countries by number of calls. All dashboard data is kept fresh automatically, with no user action required!


Improve decision-making with detailed, real-time call data

Get the comprehensive, real-time call metrics you need to drive your business forward. Inperium Talk enables you to assess employee performance with detailed numbers on call activity. For instance, the dashboard will show you the current total and average call time, or those values for another time period of interest.


Predict the future with call activity trends

Knowing how your business is currently performing is essential, but to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources, how to revise your marketing strategy, and so on, you also need to understand the broader picture. That’s why the Inperium Talk dashboard also provides trend analysis. For instance, you can see at a glance how call volume has changed over time.

And even more about how the call dashboard facilitates business reporting

Individual versus team performance

Individual versus team performance

Easily see how your numbers compare with your team’s by switching the dashboard view between your individual calling statistics and your team’s data.

Call reports

Call reports

Supplement the easy-to-understand live dashboard with detailed call reports to share with management and facilitate call pattern analysis and call volume predictions.


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FAQ about the real-time call dashboard

What information does the dashboard provide?

The Inperium Talk dashboard provides near real-time insights into the most critical call metrics, and many of them also include trend indicators. These graphs and tables are very visual, so you can understand your call situation at a glance. In fact, some customers choose to display the dashboard on a large screen so the entire team can easily stay on top of performance and trends.

Do I have to refresh the dashboard manually?

No. All phone dashboard data is kept fresh automatically, so you can stay up to date without constantly hitting a refresh button!

Who can access the dashboard?

All Inperium Talk users can use the real-time call dashboard to assess and improve their performance. Each person can see their own numbers and their team’s numbers.

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