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Toll-Free Numbers for Toll-Free Calling

Toll-free numbers allow customers to make calls to your sales, support and customer success teams at no cost, They also imply that your business has a national presence. With Inperium Talk, you can claim anew toll-free number for your business in seconds and start placing and receiving calls to and from 100+ countries.

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Establish credibility by projecting national presence

Establish credibility by projecting national presence

A local phone number on your website or marketing materials sends a clear signal to customers that your business is just getting started or is limited to a single city or region. Ensure that everyone feels comfortable doing business with you by claiming one or more toll-free numbers with a standard prefix that is instantly recognizable across the U.S.

Make it easy to remember your brand and reach you

Make it easy to remember your brand and reach you

Which is easier to remember: 1-305-901-5650 or 1-855-INPERIUM? The Inperium Talk cloud phone system provides vanity toll-free numbers that make it simple for your prospects and customers to reach you. Plus, vanity numbers reinforce your brand identity, which drives customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

Ensure portability of your primary phone numbers

Ensure portability of your primary phone numbers

Not sure where your organization might be headquartered a few years down the road, or which phone service provider you might switch to? No worries: With Inperium Sell’s toll-free numbers, you can ensure prospects and customers can continue to reach you using the same the number they’ve always used.

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FAQ about Toll-Free Phone Numbers

What is a toll-free number?

Businesses have used toll-free numbers for decades to enable customers to reach them — especially their customer service departments — without being charged a long-distance fee. The cost of the call is charged entirely to the business thatreceives it, not the person placing the call. (Of course, customers using mobile phone might be charged airtime minutes by their carrier.)

What benefits do toll-free numbers offer my business?

Having one or more toll-free numbers makes it simple for your customers — and prospective customers — to reach your support, sales and other teams to get their questions answered and their issues resolved. Toll-free numbers also signal to everyone that your business is rock-solid and not limited to a single town or region.

What toll-free number prefixes can I use?

Common toll-free prefixes include 800, 877, 866, 888, 855 and 844. With Inperium Talk, you can select any prefix you like for your toll-free numbers.

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