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Warm and Cold Transfers

It’s inevitable that callers will occasionally be connected to someone who can’t help them — perhaps they picked the wrong option in the IVR menu, or their question require additional expertise. It’s what happens next that distinguishes smart organizations from all the rest. With Inperium Talk, you can quickly and easily perform a cold transfer or a warm transfer to the person who can resolve the caller’s concern — demonstrating both your company’s competence and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Provide better service with warm transfers

Provide better service with warm transfers

Customers generally call because they are having a problem with your product or service, and forcing them to explain that problem multiple times to different agents only exacerbates their frustration. Inperium Talk smooths the customer interaction with warm transfers: The first agent can provide the next one with all the relevant details, so they’re ready to help the customer as soon as they’re connected.

Don’t keep your customers waiting

Don’t keep your customers waiting

When you’re experiencing high call volume, you might not have the luxury of warm transfers. And when a particular caller’s issue is straightforward, it might make sense to simply transfer them instead of putting them on hold while you relay details to another associate. That’s why Inperium Talk also offers cold transfers: You can get more callers to the right teams quickly, shortening both individual and overall wait time.

Gain efficiency without losing flexibility

Gain efficiency without losing flexibility

Sometimes a warm transfer is the right choice, and sometimes a cold transfer is more appropriate or efficient. That’s why Inperium Talk gives you the flexibility to determine how best to transfer each call. Both methods are easy to use and readily available to all employees using the phone system. If you like, you can even enable certain employees to transfer calls outside your organization.

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FAQ about Warm and Cold Transfers

What are cold transfers and warm transfers?

A call transfer is needed whenever the person who picked up the call determines that it needs to be handled by a different team or individual. In a cold transfer (also known as one-step or blind transfer), they transfer the call to the other party without speaking to them first. In a warm transfer (also called a live or hot transfer), the first agent talks to the other one before transferring the call — for example, to explain what problem the caller is having and how urgent it is.

What calls can be transferred, and who can do it?

With Inperium Talk, any user can transfer any call they receive (though of course the desired individual might not be immediately available to accept the transfer).

Can employees transfer calls outside the organization?

Yes, provided they have been granted the appropriate rights by a system administrator.

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