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The Inperium Platform

As a leading technology vendor, Inperium favors innovation in all its processes, and software development is no exception.
Our goal is to make every product we deliver to the market not only valuable to a wide range of organizations, but a joy to use. Our products are designed to crush business complexity and simplify customer journeys.
To make it all possible, we are committed to continuous improvement: We constantly expand our technological expertise, hire and invest in top-notch professionals, and use the most up-to-date technology stack.

Architecture Highlights

The Inperium platform architecture is the foundation of our integrated ecosystem of scalable business applications. We employ world-class architecture designs and use artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to deliver strong, customer-oriented products.

Built on AWS framework

Our infrastructure is based on cutting-edge computing services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We follow AWS Well-Architected Framework principles to make our platform secure, high-performing, resilient, efficient, maintainable, and cost-effective — now and into the future.

Microservices-based & API-driven

Inperium applications are not monolithic; we use microservices and lightweight API protocols to integrate our solution components and power our public API. This approach gives us less complexity and more control, greatly increases application performance and scalability, and reduces the risk of cross-product outages.


We incorporate state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to continuously enhance the capabilities of our products. This already includes pattern recognition, human-like text-to-speech, and highly accurate speech-to-text, and additional capabilities are constantly being created.

Ready for global scaling

Inperium applications are agile by design, thanks to our loosely coupled, packaged, and containerized Kubernetes-based architecture and dynamic load balancing. They can scale up and down indefinitely based on business demand and traffic load, ensuring stable omnichannel operations and enabling fast business growth.

Designed for automation

We baked automation into our infrastructure from inception, which improves processes, accelerates code delivery, and enables more frequent releases. We automate a wide range of otherwise cumbersome and error-prone tasks, including aspects of application design, testing, deployment, updates, and version management.

Managed by dedicated teams

Our solutions are designed and built by small teams that are passionate about creating value and that have the autonomy required to deliver it. They collaborate effectively, make decisions quickly, and take responsibility for their work, which leads to truly remarkable results.

Our Approaches & Practices

Dedication to quality and continuous improvement are cornerstones of Inperium’s business strategy. We get a kick out seeing how this commitment to excellence pays off richly, time and time again.

Sharp focus on DevOps, CI & CD

We constantly improve our solutions through seamless continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) processes. Our DevOps squad automates and orchestrates activities within and between teams, ensuring effective collaboration and efficient build, test, and deployment workflows.

Dedication to design thinking

We put customers at the center of all our planning, development, testing, and support initiatives. Using an iterative process, we thoroughly research their needs and desires, creatively problem-solve, and critically revisit earlier decisions to deliver the most valuable and relevant solutions.

Full-scale testing

Our QA, Dev, and PM teams work together to define target system behaviors, and we apply both test-driven and behavior-driven development to meet those goals. Our rigorous QA includes automated unit, integration and end-to-end testing, as well as manual regression, backward compatibility, and localization testing.

Robust security practices

We emphasize security by design and rigorously follow SaaS security best practices, including authentication, data encryption, role-based access control, audit logging, patching, environment isolation, malware detection, regular penetration testing, security training, and more.

Extensive backup strategy

Our AWS-based infrastructure makes it easy to implement and maintain highly effective backup and recovery processes. Whether customers choose to store their data in our US or EU datacenter, we perform incremental backups and take frequent snaps of the entire database.

Build over buy strategy

To ensure we always have the power and flexibility to quickly innovate with few external dependencies, we use external components as little as possible. Instead, we have created an extensive design and component library that we constantly add to and can draw from at any time.

Languages, Frameworks & Tools

Our product managers, analysts, designers, DevOps squad, developers, and QA teams are free to decide which tools, frameworks, and programming languages to use in their work. But mostly we prefer established technologies used in SaaS solutions development.





Spring BootSpring Boot

Spring Boot

Github ActionsGithub Actions

Github Actions







Open APIOpen API

Open API

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

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