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Activity Timeline in Sell CRM

Activity Timeline in Sell CRM

Track all your interactions with clients and stay on top of your deals.


Inperium Sell

Activity Timeline in Sell CRM

Improve your customer communications with Inperium Sell’s activity timeline

Your conversations are more effective when you have all the key details on past and upcoming events at your fingertips. Inperium Sell’s activity timeline enables you to easily find and monitor your interactions with customers. With a complete history of communications on a clear timeline, it's never been easier to be prepared for any conversation!


Keep track of all your communications

Quickly review the entire history of communications with a particular customer. Each contact’s timeline includes meetings, emails, phone calls, events, and tasks. You can easily scroll through or search the timeline whenever you need to.


Get deep insight into sales team performance

Tracking sales activities empowers you to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your team. For instance, you can find out which activities are generating more sales and allocate more resources to them, and identify low performers and discover opportunities to improve their effectiveness.

And even more about activity timeline

Custom activity types

Custom activity types

Create new activity types to meet your needs, such as Orders or Payments. Filter activity lists by type to see only what you're interested in.

Activity Overview page

Activity Overview page

Get a clear summary of all of your team's activities, including the details of events, calls, deals, and other actions with customers and prospects.

Automatic activity logging

Automatic activity logging

Save your sales reps valuable time by automatically logging incoming and outgoing emails and calls with Inperium Sell’s automatic activity logging.


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FAQ about activity timeline in Sell CRM

How does the activity timeline in Inperium Sell works?

In the Inperium Sell CRM, you can create, plan, and manage different sales activities. For example, you can plan tasks or keep notes that describe the outcomes of business calls or meetings. Inperium Sell logs these activities and adds them to the activity timeline of the related company, individual, or deal.

How can activity timeline help my business?

With Inperium Sell’s activity timeline, you will keep better track of all your communications with clients and get deep insights into your sales processes. You can increase customers satisfaction by having relevant details at hand, monitor sales activities, and analyze team performance to allocate your resources properly.

Can I get a summary of all sales activities in one place?

Yes! You can always get a clear summary of all your team's activities simply by going to Inperium Sell’s Activity Overview page.

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