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Ad-Hoc Group Email

Ad-Hoc Group Email

Reach more people with the same message and save your time with Inperium Sell CRM


Inperium Sell

Ad-Hoc Group Email

Maximize your outreach by sending personalized emails to hundreds of contacts with just a few clicks

With Inperium Sell, you can easily generate a list of contacts who meet certain criteria and send a separate, personalized email to each of them — in just a few clicks. Use the ad-hoc group email feature any time you need to reach out to a specific group of people with the same message.


Save time while reaching more people by automating repetitive tasks

Reach out to a selected group of people with the same message, personalized for each of them, all in just a few clicks. Create your recipient list on the fly, quickly and accurately, by applying as many flexible filters as you like to your contact list. Each recipient will get an email addressed solely to them.


Easily personalize your group emails by adding variables

Make your ad-hoc group email more effective by personalizing them — without having to manually insert the details for each recipient. Simply use variables like “firstname” or “lastname” and Inperium Sell will automatically insert the appropriate data for each recipient.

And even more about ad-hoc group email

Custom email templates

Custom email templates

Speed communications by creating reusable email templates for recurring needs.

Text snippets

Text snippets

Create messages faster by saving frequently used phrases as text snippets.

Flexible filters

Flexible filters

Choose exactly the right recipients for your email by filtering on multiple criteria.


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FAQ about ad-hoc group email in Sell CRM

What is the ad-hoc group email feature in Inperium Sell CRM?

With ad-hoc group email in Inperium Sell, you can quickly send emails to a group of recipients you create on the spot. The email can be personalized for each recipient using variables and sent as a separate message to each contact.

What are the benefits of ad-hoc group email?

Inperium Sell’s ad-hoc group email functionality saves you time and helps you optimize your communications by sending personalized emails to an entire group of contacts in a few clicks.

What is the difference between ad-hoc group emails and an email with multiple recipients?

It can be difficult to manually add each recipient to an email, especially when you’re contacting a large group of people. With the ad-hoc group email feature in Inperium Sell, you can quickly and accurately create your recipient list, personalize your email using variables, and sent each email as a separate message.

When is the ad-hoc group email feature most useful?

You can use this Inperium Sell email feature any time you need to reach out to a specific group of your contacts with the same message. You can quickly find customers, prospects or partners who meet certain criteria and send them each a personalized version of a business proposal, announcement, follow-up email, limited-time offer, etc.

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