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Advanced Filtering Options

Advanced Filtering Options

Quickly create custom views for your CRM data in Inperium Sell CRM


Inperium Sell

Advanced Filtering Options

Find valuable sales data in no time

Finding the insights you need in the huge volume of CRM data you store is nearly impossible — unless you have a simple way to eliminate all the superfluous content. With the advanced filtering options in Inperium Sell, you can sift through all your company contacts, deals, emails, and activity in a few clicks and quickly zero in on exactly the information you need.


Find the data you need with straightforward filtering criteria

Inperium Sell enables you to quickly filter out data that’s not relevant at the moment so you can focus on the information that is. Apply as many of the filters as you need and adjust them as many times as you like. You’ll be amazed at the insights you’ll be able to uncover with this powerful and flexible capability.


Create custom views and reuse them later

There’s no need to waste time setting up the same filters over and over again. With Inperium Sell CRM, once you’ve set up the filters you need, you can easily save them as a custom view and reuse them instantly whenever you like. You can even share your custom views with anyone else in your organization.

And even more about advanced filter options

Customizable data tables

Customizable data tables

Once you’ve found the data you need using Inperium Sell’s flexible filters, fine-tune your view of that information by hiding or showing particular columns or changing their order.

Filtering by specific criteria

Filtering by specific criteria

Inperium Sell offers robust filtering options. You can sift through your data using a wide variety of attributes, such as team membership or activity notes.

AND and OR operators

AND and OR operators

When you need to find something truly specific, you can use the special operators AND and OR to create advanced filters and even to combine groups of filters.


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FAQ about advanced filter options

What is advanced filtering?

Advanced filtering is one of the most useful sales CRM features that helps you find relevant data in just a few clicks. For example, you can limit your results set to a particular time period, client, type of deal, or deal owner. By specifying precise criteria and combining filters, you can quickly zero in on exactly the information you’re interested in.

Why are advanced filters used in CRM?

CRMs store huge volumes of data. Trying to sift through it manually can eat up your entire day, and you still might not find the information you’re looking for, let alone any new insights. Advanced filter options put the content you need at your fingertips quickly and accurately, giving you easy way to search, sort, group and analyze CRM data. They help you extract not just answers to specific questions but true business intelligence.

What data can I filter on?

Advanced filtering is available for key attributes of the data processed by the Inperium Sell CRM, including your company contacts, deals, companies, and email messages.

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