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Custom Fields for Contacts and Companies

No CRM vendor can predict all the details your organization might want to record about your contacts, clients and deals. That’s why Inperium Sell not only includes a solid set of standard fields but enables you to add your own custom fields. You can easily store any information you need and display it in the ways you find most useful.

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Add fields to meet your needs

Add fields to meet your needs

In a few clicks, you can create new data fields to record important details about your contacts or deals. You can choose the data source and data type for the field, and specify whether it is mandatory or optional. You can even create lists of valid values to choose from to ensure consistency.

Display the data in the format you need

Display the data in the format you need

In addition to specifying the content of your custom fields, you can also control how they are displayed. Being able to choose an appropriate display format for each field increases the speed of information processing and therefore the productivity of your employees.

Build reports based on your custom fields

Build reports based on your custom fields

Of course, creating custom fields and specifying their format is only part of the story: You also need to be able to actually use that information. With Inperium Sell, you can easily create reports that include the unique data from the custom fields you've added, giving you the intelligence you need to drive your business forward.

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FAQ about Custom Fields for Contacts and Companies

Why are custom fields needed?

Custom fields are essential because they allow you to collect and display relevant information about your customers and deals. These additional details enable you to better segment your contact base to improve communications, analyze trends and much more.

What’s the best way to use custom fields in a CRM?

Although you can create any custom field you like, it’s wise to ask yourself exactly why you are adding it. In other words, clearly articulate the goal for each custom field. For example, you might need a custom field to include certain information in a monthly report, or to filter a search to exclude data that has a certain value in the new field.

What are CRM custom fields?

Many CRMs display client (contact) and deal information in a fixed set of standard fields; you can’t add any new fields to meet your needs. However, some CRMs enable you to create your own custom fields, choosing options like their data source, their display format and even whether they are mandatory.

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