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Custom Payment Plans

Custom Payment Plans

Sell CRM allows you to schedule payments to meet the needs of your customers and your business.


Inperium Sell

Custom Payment Plans

Get paid reliably by giving your customers payment flexibility

It's easier to get paid when you can give customers the flexibility of choosing a payment schedule that works well for them. With the Inperium Sell CRM, you can choose a calculated payment plan that splits an invoice balance into multiple equal installments, or work with the client to establish a custom payment schedule in which they pay a specified amount on certain agreed-upon dates.


Ensure you are always paid on time

When you're a small or medium-sized business owner, streamlining the payment process is one of those things that can really help keep your finances in check. No more waiting for checks to come through or wondering why they didn't arrive as expected — with custom payments plans you will always know the payment date from each of your customers!

And even more about custom payments

Payment center

Payment center

Bring transparency to your payment operations by managing and tracking payments through the Inperium Sell Payment Center.

Online or conventional payments

Online or conventional payments

Enable your clients to pay the way that works best for them: by credit card, wire transfer, check, or cash.


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FAQ about custom payment plans in CRM

What are custom payment plans in the Inperium Sell CRM?

Inperium Sell gives you the flexibility to choose the payment schedule that works best for a particular deal:

  • A calculated schedule in which the invoice total is simply divided by the number of installments you specify

  • A custom payment plan where you can specify any schedule of payments of any amount

Must customers adhere strictly to their payment plan?

No, customers still have the option to make a payment for any amount on any date. Every online payment will be recorded automatically, regardless of the payment schedule.

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