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Deal Management Software

Inperium Sell is a robust sales CRM that simplifies deal management. Easily build pipelines that align with your unique sales processes and effortlessly switch between them to organize and track all your deals. A Kanban board delivers the visibility you need to make better decisions and drive revenue.

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Track deal progress in real time

Track deal progress in real time

The Inperium Sell deal management tool makes it keep deals up to date, track their progress in real time, and keep them moving forward. Moreover, you get the metrics you need to pinpoint where deals get stuck so you can improve your processes and provide effective coaching.

Create multiple pipelines and switch between them

Create multiple pipelines and switch between them

When it comes to sales processes, one approach does not fit all. With Inperium Sell deal management software, you can easily create and manage as many pipelines as you need, such as separate ones for new business, upsells, renewals, and services, each with its own stages and actions.

Ensure timely follow-up and close more deals

Ensure timely follow-up and close more deals

Inperium Sell deal management software gives you the best of both worlds: the details of each individual deal and a bird’s eye view of the entire pipeline. The resulting pipeline and revenue transparency helps you ensure that no sales opportunity is missed due to lack of consistent and timely follow-up.

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FAQ about Deal Management Software

What is deal management software?

Deal management software helps modern businesses control and monitor deal flow by making it easier to track each deal’s status, stage in the pipeline, value, probability to close, assigned sales representative, and so on.

What features are essential for the best deal management software?

No all deal management tools are created equal. The best deal management software offers all of the following features: customizable sales pipeline stages, drag-and-drop status updates, visual sales pipeline views, sales activity tracking, and automated reminders.

Are there deal management tools tailored to certain verticals?

The specific requirements for private equity deal management software, real estate deal management software or banking deal management software can differ. Nevertheless, a well-balanced CRM with deal management capabilities is the best choice in most cases, provided the solution is flexible and provides broad integration capabilities.

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