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Flexible Quoting with Custom Branding

Creating quotes for customers is an essential task in the sales process — but it doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your day. Inperium Sell enables you to quickly create accurate, personalized business proposals directly from your CRM, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time communicating with your clients.

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Streamline quote creation —  while getting better results

Streamline quote creation — while getting better results

Qickly create personalized quotes for customers right from your CRM. A step-by-step wizard ensures you get a detailed and accurate sales offer in just a few clicks. All relevant information is pulled automatically from Inperium Sell: details about the companies involved, the services or products in each transaction, their prices, quantities, and applicable discounts. Plus, each quote is branded specifically for the prospective buyer.

Offer customers a variety of quotes to choose from

Offer customers a variety of quotes to choose from

Complete deals faster by offering clients multiple quotes up front and eliminating all the back-and-forth emails and calls requesting additional offers. Inperium Sell makes it quick and easy to generate as many quotes as you like for any deal. Simply send your prospect the links so they can easily review their choices and select the one they prefer. You’ll be notified immediately whenever a quote is accepted, and you can always easily check the status of any quote in your CRM.

Make the process of managing quotes hassle-free

Make the process of managing quotes hassle-free

Managing the entire sales offer process is easy with Inperium Sell. You can easily create as many quotes as you want, save them as drafts, or immediately send them to clients. You can even clone quotes in one click and then tweak the details for the new prospect. Moreover, at a glance, you can review a list of all your quotes, the status of each one, and the amount of revenue from the proposed deal. You can also easily accept a quote if a client asks you to do it for them.

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FAQ about Flexible Quoting with Custom Branding

What is flexible quoting with custom branding?

This advanced feature in Inperium Sell CRM enables you to quickly create as many quotes as you want for each customer. Each quote reflects all the goods and services requested by the customer, their current prices, and any discounts you provide. Each offer is personalized with the client company’s logo to demonstrate your commitment and strengthen your relationship.

How will flexible quoting with custom branding help me?

First of all, you’ll save enormous amounts of time, since the easy-to-use wizard enables you to create a quote in just a few steps. All you have to do is specify the details, like which customer the quote is for and which products or services they need. Second, you’ll get accurate quotes every time, since the information is drawn directly from your CRM. Third, you can offer your prospect multiple options right up front, so they can choose the one that best suits their needs. Finally, you’ll land more deals, thanks to the streamlined process and perfectly formatted quotes personalized with the prospect’s own logo.

How do I manage all my quotes?

Inperium Sell notifies you automatically whenever one of your quotes is accepted, and you can also always check on the status of any quote right in the CRM. If you created multiple quotes for a customer, you can clearly see which one was accepted; you can easily delete the others or keep them in reserve. You easily modify any quote, or create a new quote by cloning an existing one.

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