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Global Search

Having to manually root around in your CRM for the information you need isn’t just frustrating; it saps the productivity of your entire team and causes delays that exasperate customers and cost you deals. With Inperium Sell, you can locate exactly the data you need in seconds with the smart and powerful Global Search function.

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Find the information you need in seconds

Find the information you need in seconds

When you need details about a client, the terms of a deal, or a technicality mentioned in an email somewhere, the clock is ticking. Inperium Sell will locate the information for you quickly. Remember just a tidbit? No worries: Just enter that word or phrase into the search field and get a full list of places where that text is used.

Run searches from any page in the CRM

Run searches from any page in the CRM

Global Search is always at your fingertips — right on the toolbar. Since there’s no need to navigate to a dedicated search page, you can start finding the information you need in a click or two, no matter where you are in the Inperium Sell system. That way, you’ll never leave a client hanging while you go looking for data.

Easily hone your search with one-click filtering

Easily hone your search with one-click filtering

Already know which section of the CRM has the information you’re looking for? In one click, you can limit your search to just companies, contacts, deals, invoices, or payments, and zero in on the data you need faster than you — and your customers and prospects — ever thought possible.

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View Documentation

FAQ about Global Search

What is Global Search?

Global Search is a powerful and flexible tool that quickly locates information stored anywhere in Inperium Sell — all you need to do is enter one or more keywords. For even more precise results, you can limit your search to just one section of the CRM: companies, contacts, deals, invoices, or payments.

How does Global Search work?

The search function looks for matches on the terms you entered across the entire CRM (or only the sections you specified). For example, you can search for a contract number — or even just part of a contract number — and the system will show you both the contract itself and all the other places where it is mentioned, such as related invoices or emails.

How does Global Search differ from Advanced Filtering?

Both functions help you get to the information you require quickly, but they satisfy that need in different ways. Advanced Filtering helps you narrow a result set — for example, you might want to see all customers in the EMEA region, or all contracts that are renewals. Global Search helps you zero in on a particular piece of information, such as all places where a particular customer’s name is included or every email that mentions a particular vendor.

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