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Merging Contacts

Merging Contacts

Avoid duplicate contact records with Inperium Sell CRM.


Inperium Sell

Merging Contacts

Keep your CRM data organized and up to date

Stop struggling to reconcile duplicate records with missing or conflicting details. Inperium Sell provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to see the differences between two contact records and easily resolve conflicts.


Be more productive with an orderly and accurate contact list

With Inperium Sell, you can finally get rid of all your duplicate contact records and have up-to-date information at your fingertips. Simply select the contacts you want to merge, choose which details to keep, and click Save — it's that easy! Clean up your contact list today and manage your workflow more efficiently.

And even more about merging contacts

Unified contact view

Unified contact view

View all information a contact — name, deals, invoices, and more — in one place.

Custom fields

Custom fields

Store any contact information you need and display it in the way that works for you.

Automated contact synchronization

Automated contact synchronization

Effortlessly keep contact information accurate and up to date in all your core business systems

Bulk actions

Bulk actions

Save time and avoid mistakes by managing multiple records at once instead of modifying them one by one.


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FAQ about merging contacts in Sell CRM

What is the value of merging contacts in CRM?

Having multiple records for the same contact is confusing — and can lead to embarrassing or even deal-breaking errors if they contain conflicting details. Inperium Sell enables you to clean up duplicates to improve productivity, communications, and decision-making.

How does contact merging work in Inperium Sell?

To clean up duplicate contacts in Inperium Sell, simply select the contacts and then choose which values you want to keep. Voila! You have a single contact with accurate details.

Does the system automatically merge contacts?

No. Inperium knows your business data is too invaluable to risk any unplanned or undesirable deletions. Accordingly, contacts can be merged only manually.

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