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Omni-Channel Message Center

Omni-Channel Message Center

Streamline your communications with customers and colleagues.


Inperium Sell

Omni-Channel Message Center

Easily communicate with customers without switching between your CRM and mail client

Inperium Sell’s Unified Message Center offers seamless communication with both customers and peers. You can reply to messages right in the app — without having to switch between different platforms!


Manage all your communications from a single place

Stay on top of all your ongoing and past communications. Emails, phone calls, text messages — they're all in one place! The Unified Message Center integrates seamlessly with other Inperium Sell features, making it easy for you to access all relevant information in an instant from anywhere at any time.


Connect your mailboxes with Inperium Sell with two-way email synchronization

Connect your mailboxes with Inperium Sell in a just few minutes and receive notifications about inbound messages wherever you are! With Inperium Sell, you can keep up with all your communications, without ever having to switch away from the CRM — all your correspondence is always at hand and up to date.

And even more about message center

Text snippets

Text snippets

Eliminate the need to type the same text over and over again by creating snippets that you can quickly insert into any message.

Activity timeline

Activity timeline

Easily find and monitor email communications that were sent via the Unified Message Center in the contact’s activity timeline.

Email open tracking

Email open tracking

Make your communications more effective by tracking whether recipients have opened and replied to your emails.


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FAQ about Unified Message Center

What is the Unified Message Center?

The Inperium Sell Unified Message Center consolidates all of your communications in a single place. You can read and respond to important emails, text messages, and phone calls — without having to switch from your CRM to your mail client or phone system.

What are the benefits of the Unified Message Center?

The Unified Message Center is a great way to stay up to date on your emails and other communications. You can reply promptly to customers, prospects, and colleagues, as well as review a consolidated history of communications.

Is it possible to browse messages from my mailbox in the Inperium Sell Message Center?

Yes, you can connect Inperium Sell with your mailbox using your email client’s settings page. It will take just a few minutes for Inperium Sell to pull all your emails and add them to the Unified Message Center.

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