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Online or Conventional Payments

Online or Conventional Payments

Sell CRM allows you to choose the method of payments that best suits your business.


Inperium Sell

Online or Conventional Payments

Reduce the time between closing deals and receiving payments

With Inperium Sell, you can get paid right through your CRM! You can process payments made online via payment links, or log payments through conventional methods like cash and checks. It’s never been so easy to keep track of all payments and balances.


Get paid reliably by offering clients multiple payment methods

Grow your business and earn a reputation for flexibility by offering customers a variety of payment methods. Inperium Sell enables you to easily process payments made by credit card, wire transfer, check, or cash. Let your customers choose the best payment method for them, and stop stressing about your cash flow!

And even more about payments

Payment center

Payment center

Bring transparency to your payment operations by managing and tracking payments through the Inperium Sell Payment Center.

Custom payment plans

Custom payment plans

Create a custom payment schedule for any client instead of being locked into a rigid system of regular equal payments.


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FAQ about payment methods in Sell CRM

How can I accept online payments in the Inperium Sell CRM?

Inperium Sell makes it possible for you to get paid online via wire transfer or credit card. You will need to set up integration with payment processing provider Stripe.

Where can I check incoming online payments?

Online payments by customers are registered automatically and instantly appear in the Inperium Sell Payment Center.

Can I charge customers' credit cards manually?

Yes, Inperium Sell makes it possible to charge a client’s credit cards. You need to provide details such as the card number, cardholder name, and expiration date. You also can use an on-premises terminal or enable your clients to make payment through a terminal in your office.

Which conventional payment methods does the Inperium Sell CRM support?

Inperium Sell CRM also enables you to register payments that clients make by check or cash, so you can keep track of all payments in one place.

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