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Product Catalog in Sell CRM

Product Catalog in Sell CRM

Store and easily access all information about your products and services right in your CRM.


Inperium Sell

Product Catalog in Sell CRM

Easily set up a catalog of all your offerings and their pricing details

Tired of having to constantly switch between applications to get product, service, pricing, and discount information? Not even sure which source is authoritative? Consolidate all your product information in Inperium Sell, and enjoy the convenience and power of having a single product catalog that you know is complete and accurate.


Save time with all product and service data in one place

Juggling multiple applications and data sources to find information about your offerings is slow and frustrating. How much more effective could your teams be if your entire product catalog was always at hand in one central location? Inperium Sell makes it a snap to import even large volumes of complex product data and enables everyone to easily find exactly what they need, every time.


Ensure everyone is working with accurate information

Storing information in multiple places isn’t just inefficient — it can also lead to confusion and errors as the data gets out of sync and no one knows what’s accurate. Having a single source of truth eliminates that risk. By moving all your product data to Inperium Sell, you can be confident that everyone is making decisions that affect your business based on up-to-date information.


Help your teams sell more with clear details

Consumers today are very savvy, so Inperium Sell puts all the product details your sales teams need at their fingertips: product code, name, price, cost, discounts, and so on. Plus, you can specify whether each catalog item is a one-time purchase or a subscription service so your salespeople can sell different types of products to different customers.

And even more about the product catalog

Product export

Product export

Export your product catalog to a file for editing or other manipulation, and then import the file back into your Inperium Sell CRM.

Bulk updates

Bulk updates

Easily make bulk updates to products that you’ve added to deals, quotes, and invoices. For example, you can change the product quantity for all products in a quote.


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FAQ about the product catalog in Sell CRM

What is the product catalog?

The Inperium Sell product catalog is a convenient and reliable way to store and access all information about your products and services, right in your CRM.

Why is the simple product catalog useful?

Storing information about your products and services centrally in one reliable platform online catalog software eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple applications — and the very real risk of data getting out of sync between multiple data sources and causing confusion and errors.

What are the requirements for uploading data to the catalog?

You can upload data in .csv, .xlx, or .xlsx format, and the maximum size of a single file is 10MB. Don’t worry; the upload page makes the process simple and easy.

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