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Online Quote Acceptance

Online Quote Acceptance

Gain a competitive advantage with approvals on the go with Sell CRM.


Inperium Sell

Online Quote Acceptance

Make it easy for customers to accept your offers

With Inperium Sell, you can quickly send personalized quotes to your prospects and clients — and enable them to accept those quotes online. By making the process simple and convenient, you increase your chances of closing deals.


Get an immediate notification upon quote acceptance

Inperium Sell notifies you automatically whenever one of your quotes is accepted. If you sent multiple offers, you can clearly see which one was accepted. You can even accept a quote on behalf of a client if they ask you to do it for them. Streamline your sales process with Inperium Sell!

And even more online quote acceptance

Online quote sharing

Online quote sharing

Share proposals with clients online by link or email.

Integrated eSignatures

Integrated eSignatures

Get paid faster by allowing clients to eSign quotes.

Quote-to-invoice conversion

Quote-to-invoice conversion

Quickly convert an accepted quote into an accurate invoice.


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FAQ about online quote acceptance in Sell CRM

How does online quote acceptance work?

When you share quotes with clients by email or providing links, they can accept and eSign them online. You will be notified automatically upon acceptance.

What happens to quotes that were not accepted by the client?

If you created multiple quotes for a customer, you can clearly see which one was accepted and which were not. You can easily delete the ones that were not accepted, or keep them in reserve.

How can online quote acceptance help me to close more deals?

Prospects usually receive multiple proposals from different companies; being able to accept and eSign yours online, without all the hassle of paperwork, can be very attractive for them.

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