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Easy Quote Creation<br/>in Sell CRM

Easy Quote Creation
in Sell CRM

Close more deals by sending prospects personalized sales quotes.


Inperium Sell

Easy Quote Creation<br/>in Sell CRM

Easily create professional quotes in just a few clicks

The better your quotes look and the faster you can provide them to your leads, the higher your chances of closing the deal. With Inperium Sell, it takes just a few clicks to create customized professional quotes and share them online with a prospective customer.


Boost sales team efficiency with streamlined quoting

With Inperium Sell, it takes just a few clicks to create a custom professional quote. You can even create a new quote by cloning an existing one and modifying the copy. Instead of being mired in endless quote creation, your teams will be able to focus on advancing all their prospects through the sales cycle.


Create personalized quotes with an intuitive step-by-step wizard

Create personalized quotes in just a few clicks using Inperium Sell’s step-by-step quote wizard. All relevant details — including company information, your services or products, prices, quantities, and applicable discounts — is pulled automatically from Inperium Sell to ensure each sales offer is both detailed and accurate.

And even more about quote creation

Custom quote branding

Custom quote branding

Personalize any quote using the prospect’s company logo or your corporate branding.

Online quote sharing

Online quote sharing

Each Inperium Talk pricing plan includes one free US phone number for every user in your company account, so you can optimize your budget spending on purchasing phone numbers.

Online quote acceptance

Online quote acceptance

Check which quote was accepted or accept a quote on behalf of a client who asks you to do so, right online.

Integrated eSignatures

Integrated eSignatures

Close more deals faster by enabling clients to instantly eSign your offer.


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FAQ about quote creation in Sell CRM

How does sales quoting work?

When you’re ready to make a proposal for a prospective customer, you can easily produce several quotes, each with its own products, quantities, special discounts, payment plans, etc. Each quote can be bound to a particular contact person and assigned an expiration date. You can share the quotes with your client by providing links and they can eSign to accept — all online.

How can flexible quoting help my business?

Inperium Sell’s quote creation will save your team enormous amounts of time while ensuring that each quote is complete and accurate. The eSignature option makes it easy and convenient for clients to accept your offer, speeding your sales cycle and resulting in more closed deals. And you can easily track and manage all deals, right online.

Can I offer customers multiple quotes?

Yes! With Inperium Sell, you can easily generate as many quotes as you like for any deal and offer your prospect multiple options right up front. Instead of having to phone or email back and forth, you simply send them links to the offers, and they can easily review them, select the one they prefer, and eSign to finalize the deal right away.

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