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Online Quote Sharing

Online Quote Sharing

Share quotes online with no hassle
directly from the Inperium Sell CRM.


Inperium Sell

Online Quote Sharing

Share personalized quotes with prospective customers in just a few clicks

Speed up your sales cycle by sharing proposals with your customers online using the Inperium Sell CRM. Instead of having to phone or email back and forth, you simply can send your prospects links to the offers or send quotes by email, so that they can easily review them and select the one they prefer. Close your deals even faster!


Simplify your sales process and save valuable time

Let your sales team close more deals in less time by sharing quotes online with no hassle directly from the Inperium Sell CRM. Enable them to focus on advancing through the selling cycle for all their prospects instead of slogging through the task of producing, modifying, and sending quotes to prospects. Online quotes sharing in Inperium Sell simplifies your sales process and boosts sales team efficiency.


Close more deals by offering customers multiple quotes

Inperium Sell makes it easy for you to create and send as many quotes as you need, so you can share a variety of options with your prospect. In a few clicks, you can send them links to the quotes or email them the files, so that they can choose the best option for them. This will speed up your sales by saving both you and your clients time, and help you close deals even faster.

And even more about online quote sharing

Easy quote creation

Easy quote creation

Build professional, accurate quotes in minutes.

Custom quote branding

Custom quote branding

Personalize any quote with your corporate branding or the prospect’s company logo.

Online quote acceptance

Online quote acceptance

Empower customers to accept quotes online and be notified right away.

Quote-to-invoice conversion

Quote-to-invoice conversion

Quickly convert an accepted quote into an accurate invoice.


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FAQ about online quote sharing in Sell CRM

How does online quote sharing work?

When you’re ready to make a proposal to a client, you can easily produce several quotes, each with its own products, quantities, special discounts, payment plans, etc. You can share the quotes with your client online and they can eSign to accept the one they prefer.

How can I share quotes with my prospects in the Inperium Sell CRM?

After you create one or more quotes for a prospect, you can share them in two ways: Send the quotes by email or send links to the quotes.

How can online quote sharing help my business?

Online quote sharing in Inperium Sell can help you close more deals faster and save your team enormous amounts of time.

Can I offer customers multiple quotes?

Yes! With Inperium Sell, you can easily generate as many quotes as you like for any deal and easily see which one they accept.

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