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Quote-to-Invoice Conversion

Quote-to-Invoice Conversion

Easily transfer all quote details into a final invoice with Sell CRM.


Inperium Sell

Quote-to-Invoice Conversion

Convert an accepted quote into an accurate invoice in just a few clicks

With Inperium Sell CRM, you can easily convert any quote into an accurate invoice when the customer is ready to move ahead. The CRM will automatically transfer all the relevant details from the quote — deal name, contact name, products, and more — into an invoice, with no need for you to enter them again. All you need to do is send the customer a secure payment link and get paid!


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FAQ about quote-to-invoice conversion

What is quote-to-invoice conversion in Inperium Sell and how does it work?

Quote-to-invoice conversion is an Inperium Sell feature that simplifies the process of invoice creation. It enables sales managers to convert a quote accepted by the client into an invoice right from the CRM — there is no need to involve the accounting team or manually enter all the deal details again.

How can quote-to-invoice conversion benefit my business?

The longer it takes your company to send out invoices, the longer it takes for you to get paid. And the more difficult it is to create invoices, the less time your teams have to spend on landing new deals. With quote-to-invoice conversion in Inperium Sell, you can eliminate the need to manually prepare, print, and mail invoices — saving your sales team valuable time while speeding your cash flow.

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