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Role-Based Access Control

Your CRM likely stores more sensitive information than just about any other IT system you have, so it’s essential to tightly control access. Inperium Sell makes the critical job a breeze by offering role-based access control (RBAC). Simply assign each employee the roles they need, and instantly help preserve data integrity, prevent data breaches, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Protect your business by limiting access rights
Protect your business by limiting access rights

Inperium Sell’s two-factor authentication renders stolen credentials useless to attackers — but employees can do plenty of damage themselves. Slash your risk of someone deleting critical data by mistake or taking your entire client database with them to their next employer by limiting the amount of data each user can view, edit, or delete according to their job duties.

Help employees stay focused on their jobs
Help employees stay focused on their jobs

Giving users unrestricted access to everything in your CRM not only invites security problems; it also saps their productivity. With Inperium Sell, you can easily keep your sales team focused on customers and deals instead of poking around in your accounting data, and ensure that eager new marketing intern can’t cause confusion by creating unapproved campaigns.

Avoid steep compliance fines and extra audits
Avoid steep compliance fines and extra audits

Most compliance mandates today require organizations to tightly control access to customer data — much of which is stored in your CRM. The RBAC in Inperium Sell makes it a snap to set up exactly the roles you need and assign them to the right employees, so you can pass audits and avoid penalties for compliance failures.

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FAQ about Role-based Access Control

What is role-based access control?

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a security model that grants access to resources based on a user’s roles in an organization. RBAC is a core security best practice because it dramatically simplifies enforcing least privilege — giving each user exactly the access permissions they need to do their job.

Why do I need access control for my CRM?

Access control is essential to reducing the risk of unauthorized access to the critical information and powerful functionality in your CRM. In addition, proper access control is required for compliance with many regulatory standards, including HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR.

What are the benefits of RBAC?

In addition to strengthening security by facilitating least privilege, RBAC speeds provisioning to get users to work faster; enhances productivity by limiting the data and features each person can see and use; and saves you money by helping you avoid data breaches and compliance penalties.

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