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Sales Activity Tracking and Reminders

If you don’t track your deals throughout their lifecycle, you risk losing those deals, and even your business itself. Inperium Sell enables you to stay on top of all of your deals, from initial contact through negotiations to contract signing and future upsells. Moreover, you can set up reminders of important actions, empowering you to see more deals through to completion. Plus, you can analyze the performance of your sales teams and identify opportunities for improvement that will help your business flourish.

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Take your sales under full control

Take your sales under full control

Get deep insight into your sales processes. Inperium Sell enables you to pinpoint where sales performance is lagging so you can go straight to the source of the problem and fix it. It also helps you see which activities are generating more sales, so you can allocate more resources to them.

Drive deals forward by setting up reminders

Drive deals forward by setting up reminders

Keep all your deals on track by configuring reminders about critical tasks. With Inperium Sell, you don’t have to worry that you’ll forget to reply to a customer’s email, remind them about a meeting, send them the documents you promised, launch a promotional campaign, or notify someone of a due date.

Track team performance along with sales

Track team performance along with sales

By closely tracking your sales processes, Inperium Sell empowers you to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales force. You can identify low performers and discover opportunities to improve their effectiveness, as well as reward high achievers and find the secrets of their success.

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FAQ about Sales Activity Tracking and Reminders

Is sales activity tracking and reminders a built-in feature?

Yes, this is built-in functionality available out the box. With Inperium Sell, you can track and analyze the effectiveness of both your sales processes and your sales teams, so you can remediate weaknesses and build on your strengths to seal more deals and power your business.

How does the reminder system work?

Simply enter tasks, appointments and other activities in the calendar and Inperium Sell will automatically remind you about them during the day. You can track which reminders result in task completion, too — the system enables you to see all active, completed and overdue tasks.

Is it possible to analyze sales at every stage?

Yes. You can analyze all the activities of a particular employee, a given department or the entire organization for any stage in your sales process. For instance, you can review the number of cold calls a certain employee made last month, or the total number of deals that an entire team closed last week or last year.

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