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Sales Pipeline Management

Inperium Sell is a sales pipeline management solution that empowers you to track all your deals, focus on the right ones and hit your quota. From a Kanban-style board, you can clearly see where each deal stands in your sales process, what’s been done, and what the next step is.

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Create new deals in no time

Create new deals in no time

Simply add a new deal from a contact or company record, and Inperium Sell will automatically populate most of the fields with current information, saving you time and avoiding the errors inherent in manual entry.

Customize your pipeline to match your sales process

Customize your pipeline to match your sales process

Easily build a pipeline that works smoothly and effectively for your organization. Add, edit, and delete deal stages and properties — all without help from IT.

Track deal progress and analyze pipeline health

Track deal progress and analyze pipeline health

Push deals forward by assigning tasks to your team, and drag and drop deals between stages as they advance. Understand progress toward sales quotas and other key trends.

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FAQ about Pipeline Management

What is Pipeline Management?

Pipeline management is the process of directing and forecasting future sales. Effective pipeline management requires transparency into the stages of the sales process so leaders can monitor deal progress, see where deals are getting stuck, and track sales trends.

Why is pipeline management important?

Pipeline management enables sales leaders to forecast revenue, assess the effectiveness of their sales teams, identify gaps in the sales process, and analyze trends to drive strategy.

How to effectively manage a sales pipeline?

Start by ensuring your pipeline actually matches your sales process. Keep deals up to date by moving them promptly as they advance through the pipeline stages. Step back and analyze trends to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. To simplify these processes and gain the visibility and insight you need, invest in a sales CRM.

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